Manager’s Training Program

As the CEO of HCO, it is imperative to understand that managers play an important role in running an organization. Therefore, they should be trained to become successful in change management to work efficiently with employees and adopt novel behaviors and processes associated with their work. Some of the topics that the CEO should include is team-building and team-working skills to lead others to implement critical changes and to manage group projects that focus on quality outcomes (Merrill, 2015). Team-working skills are crucial because managers are currently working on shared and interprofessional efforts to achieve organizational objectives.

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A related topic in the training process includes collaborative and communication skills to support teamwork. The CEO should ensure that managers are competent to communicate and work with other employees to provide quality services to patients. Communication skills help managers to overcome cultural and social barriers to change management (Cooke, 2016). Through effective communication, managers become efficient in preparing and working with teams to meet the increasing demands of HCOs.

Another critical topic in training entails change management, which involves transformational role in their organizations. HCOs are always changing due to implementation of new aids and tools to support service delivery such as technology. Therefore, managers should be prepared to manage change successfully and influence other healthcare providers to work towards the vision for the change and to achieve patient and organizational objectives (Merrill, 2015). In addition, managers should be trained and encouraged to create a supportive culture that enhances safety and quality outcomes. The change requires leaders with the ability to transform the physical environment as well as the practices and beliefs of healthcare workers, including nurses.

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