Importance of Organizational Culture

Importance of Organizational Culture and Climate on the Use of EBP Guidelines

Healthcare organizations recognize the importance of using research evidence in their care delivery processes. Empirical findings underlie the quality and safety of care given by various health care providers in collaboration with their patients. The process involves the collection, analysis, and use of data in the assessment of patient needs and the development of effective interventions to address their medical conditions. Nursing professionals use the available evidence to test and evaluate the efficacy of current programs, policies, and practices. EBP is an ongoing quality improvement process in health care. The concept supports collaboration and communication between the professionals (White, Dudley-Brown, & Terhaar, 2016). Although other methods are critical in the achievement of quality of care objectives, creating an organizational culture and climate based on the use of EBP guidelines can be a practical approach in the continuum of care.

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Healthcare organizations achieve positive patients’ outcomes if evidence from scientific research is applied. Interventions supported by adequate research have proven effective in solving various health problems (Williamson, Almaskari, Lester, & Maguire, 2015). The authors discuss the importance of being an evidence-based organization. Besides, Glisson (2016) suggested the need for “scientific management” in healthcare organizations. The process advocates the creation of a team of employees who support the leadership by conducting scientific research to collect necessary evidence for decision-making in a setting with a culture and climate that supports EBP. Deliberations are made after considerable proof of efficacy and efficiency through adequate research. Such facilities also implement evidence-supported changes.

Healthcare organizations are faced with severe challenges regarding the improvement of quality and efficiency of their services amidst the increasing cost of care in the United States. They embark on improvement efforts that engage all stakeholders in the healthcare system. Evidence-based procedures have proven effective in helping them to achieve critical changes (Glisson, 2016). However, they can realize the goal if they make every professional in the organization appreciate and adopt evidence-based practice guidelines. They should work as individuals and teams using adequate evidence of efficacy before implementing any intervention in the health care process. Therefore, organizational culture and climate based on EBP can support interprofessional collaboration to achieve positive patient outcomes.

Creating an organizational culture and climate based on the use of EBP guidelines supports effective collaboration and communication within the healthcare organization as providers seek solutions to patient problems. The initiative also assists in building various other skills necessary for employees to provide quality care, such as critical thinking and clinical judgment skills. Besides, the environment helps in the development of an ongoing learning culture in the organization to support continuous quality improvement (White, Dudley-Brown, & Terhaar, 2016). Such facilities are also receptive to changes that help in the achievement of both the patients and practice goals. Hence, EBP allows efficient sharing of information within and across the organization to address complex medical challenges.

Healthcare organizations should adopt EBP through effective research and learning to improve health care outcomes. Such an environment enables evidence-based decisions and solutions to patients’ needs. It allows collaboration, integration, and teamwork to ensure that information flows effectively throughout the facility to achieve safe and quality care. An effective cooperation eliminates stress and burnout, which are common outcomes in health care service delivery. EBP offers answers for providers about best practices in working with other professionals within the organization to achieve positive results for the staff and patients. The culture and climate support effective leadership that focuses on open communication between employees and leadership.

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