Human Resource Assistant Job Announcement

Job Description

For the last two years, our organization has recorded significant growth in its customer base. The improvement is attributed to the efforts and commitment portrayed by our management team and employees in all departments. Current market analysis predicts a similar trend in the future. Our mission is to ensure that clients are served timely; hence, increasing our staff is critical. The anticipated changes will escalate the workload in our human resource unit. The proposed position will ease work in the department and facilitate hiring and keeping track of employees’ information for administrative purposes.

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Job Summary

To assist the human resource manager in hiring workers and documenting their records. Candidates may also be expected to undertake minor tasks in other departments when the need arises.

Essential Tasks and Responsibilities

Assist in the Hiring Process

Our company expects to conduct recruitment by the end of this year. The human resource assistant will participate in this process. Some of the duties related to this position will include creating job advertisements, reviewing employment applications, contacting successful applicants, confirming references, setting interview appointments, and orienting new workers.  

Record Maintenance

Record keeping is part of our organizational culture. The human resource assistant will be responsible for recording and maintaining our employees’ files. Some of the information in these files, such as contact and location details, is very sensitive and will require a high level of confidentiality.

Processing Payroll

The person holding this position will be responsible for the administration of our workers’ financial records. The individual will be expected to gather accurate information about the staff’s entire working days to prevent paycheck errors. The process will facilitate a timely disbursement of salaries.

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Preparing Reports

The HR assistant will prepare various reports in the department. The information will include employee turnover rate and work attendance. Such data will aid decision-making in the organization.


The minimum educational requirement for this position will be a bachelor’s degree in human resource management or a related field. Candidates should possess a computer, data entry, and communication skills. Computer expertise will be essential to complete record maintenance tasks in the department. Given the nature of the work, which involves human interaction, individuals must possess language proficiency. The HR assistant should also portray high standards of professionalism and confidentiality. Experience in the human resource position will be an added advantage for applicants. However, on-job training will be done in the organization.


Any person in this position will report to the human resource manager. However, our staff is expected to be self-driven regardless of the level of supervision.

 Compensation and Benefit Package

The organization recompenses the workers based on their level. Hence, we are “concerned with offering financial rewards and incentives” (Adeoye, 1, p. 346). The human resource assistant will be paid a salary amounting to not less than $38,100. Bonuses will also be issued at the end of every financial year to motivate workers to fulfill their obligations effectively.

Findings and recommendations of the Society for Human Resource Management have always formed the basis for our employee benefits. The organization enlightened us about the relationship between incentives and job satisfaction (The Society for Human Resource Management, 2). Therefore, the benefits package for this position will include paid vacation (to ensure the employees’ work-life balance), retirement, and medical insurance. However, the worker will be expected to pay part of the medical coverage.



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  2. The Society for Human Resource Management. 2018. 2018 Employee Benefits: The Evolution of Benefits.

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