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The Importance of a Good Resume

Most people believe that they can write the perfect resume. However, the truth is that most curriculum vitae that are handed out to employers do not pass the automation process. Therefore, potential employees face a considerable problem when searching for a job. Similarly, people seeking employment through job interviews lack the necessary techniques to succeed in placement. Markedly, a job interview and resume go hand in hand in securing one’s dream job. Consequently, by analyzing the significance of interview preparation and the need for a perfect resume, one would find engaging factors to increase the credibility and chances of acquiring that job.     

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Specification of Skill

Brevity and readability are the best approaches when writing a proper resume. Notably, people’s most obvious but common mistake is not indicating their specific skills. Essential skills and the job being searched must correlate with the company’s needs. Therefore, to be hired or at least secure an interview opportunity, an applicant has to get across the message in a way that can be easily understood (Hinds, 2005).

Familiarity with the Company

A resume must show familiarity with the business where one is seeking placement. Most people wrongly believe that researching the prospective employer is only significant when one seeks an interview. However, that aspect should not be the case, as employers want individuals that bring the best to the table. The curriculum vitae must show a deep understanding of the company and its structure (Parker & Brown, 2012).

A Lasting Impression

A resume should relay to the employer that you are the best employee and no mistake has been made picking you. A perfect recap of job history should reveal the most vital characteristics one has with the need to go straight to the point (Hinds, 2005). The best part is that the employer wants to see even the weakest part of the potential candidate. Therefore, the resume’s focus should not be on the strengths alone (Parker & Brown, 2012). This factor tells the employer the most specific details about the candidate.

The Importance of Practicing for an Interview

The only possibility to ace the interview and get the best performance out of it is to practice. Completing several practice interviews before the real one helps avoid mistakes and increases the chances of being hired. The rehearsal enlightens potential interviewees on areas they should improve (Baker, 2012). On the other hand, getting help from experts assists in developing the skills needed to pass an interview. As such, the interviewer has to select questions unknown to the interviewee to create the impression made during an actual interview. The feedback one gets after such a practice will be valuable to job search and interview performance.

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During practicing, one can perfect the skills and attain abilities to answer questions that might be hard to comprehend and explain. A rehearsal helps an interviewee correct and identify any annoying situation that can distract the interviewer (Baker, 2012). Communication is essential to properly exchanging ideas, hence the need for practice—such training results in confidence since the interviewee has the tools to pass the interview process. The next possibility is that rehearsing helps one be self-aware of the items to carry in an interview, including curriculum vitae and other essentials required. The chance of failure for someone who rehearsed for an interview is lower than that of one who did not.


Overall, it is evident that a perfect resume and the ability to practice for an interview increase the credibility and chances of acquiring a job. Particularly, an excellent curriculum vitae should give specific skills of the participant, demonstrate an understanding of the company, and leave a lasting impression that will inform the employer about the suitability of a particular candidate. In addition, prior rehearsal is imperative since it exposes a potential employee to the expectation of the employer. As such, the interviewee should develop the communication skills and confidence required for an interview. Although one should understand the importance of a perfect resume and the requirement of an interview, the potential employee should keep abreast with the market dynamics, including digital interviewing, which might be the future of hiring. However, whether an individual participates in a digital or physical interview, the importance of prior preparation and an appealing resume cannot be overstated.           



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