How Swimming has Impacted on my Life

In essence, swimming is an exciting experience that has greatly benefited my mental and physical well-being. I have noted that as swimming attracts me, so does it fascinate both children and grown-ups due to the different recreational activities that happen in the aquatic life. As a result, being a swimmer has assisted me to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle compared to those who live in sedentary lifestyles. However, with the experience gained in swimming, I have come across several complications, injuries being the most prevalent. Nonetheless, despite swimming challenges I acknowledge that this recreational activity has significantly impacted on both my mental and physical well-being. Concisely, that is why this memoir will mostly discuss the benefits I attach to swimming and the challenge I associate with this sport.

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Importantly, I have learned that swimming nurtures several fields, including sports activities, recreational purposes, for survival or exercise reasons. Nonetheless, before a swimming session can be deemed successful, the swimmer I require locomotive coordination of either the body or limbs. Notably, that is why every human child is born with swimming abilities, which only need nurturing and building. In fact, it is through swimming sessions that I have realized that this recreational activity develops a person’s social, psychological, mental, and physical well-being. Therefore, I believe swimming should be made a compulsory recreational activity or a part of the education curriculum due to the myriads of benefits it poses for the human body.

Swimming has a variety of challenges. In my case, however, the biggest problem I first faced during swimming was occasional injuries. In fact, injuries were because of constant and extreme motion exposure of my body to the water. Subsequently, my shoulder area, hips, knees, and back would often be affected, and I usually experience injuries. Nonetheless, with proper stroke techniques, the injury issues ceased, and I now enjoy swimming sessions

In two years, I have learned that swimming is fun and a beneficial mental and physical exercise procedure. As such, it is through engaging in swimming activities that I have developed a culture of having positive feelings that mentally benefit my inner person. Actually, with the serenity of the aquatic environment my naturally occurring positive responses are fully elicited. Moreover, swimming decreases my stress significantly because in every workout, my mind experiences the pleasure of swimming. Moreover, when I swim in public pools, my interaction skills are fostered by interacting with new acquaintances and friends. On the other hand, tagging along with my family and friends during swimming sessions has enhanced my shared recollections, as quality time is often spent on such occasions. Significantly, my mental health has been boosted over time because where there is closeness, real intimacy and social interaction exist. On the other hand, swimming has nurtured both my competitive spirit and psychological well-being, leading to enhanced mental health.

In addition, every swimming session boosts my mental health because of revamped energy levels from this recreational activity. As a result, I have experienced increased focus abilities in everyday activities. Moreover, with an attractive physique, my esteem levels have increased because I now perceive that I can comfortably undertake any activity that requires both the mental and physical strength. Besides, owing to exercise in water, my sleeping time has become enjoyable due to the absence of restlessness and stress after a day’s work out. 

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Similar to mental health, I also acknowledge that swimming has significantly impacted on my physical wellbeing, especially now that my joints and bones are well strengthened. In my opinion, although swimming is similar to other forms of exercises, it supersedes them all in that there is reduced discomfort and stiffness within the body. Moreover, my body has adopted muscular endurance and strength due to the buoyancy and resistance experienced during each session. In fact, it is through swimming that the cardiovascular functioning of my body has improved. As a result, I no longer suffer heart-related problems because my body can efficiently adapt to pumping blood as required.

Significantly, swimming has reduced the likelihood of becoming because the exercise facilitates burning down calories; hence, reducing chances of becoming overweight In essence, I have realized that a 45-minute exercise on land is similar to 30 minutes of workout in the water. Additionally, swimming has considerably improved my muscle flexibility and balance because being a swimmer requires coordination of body parts, while buoyancy builds a person’s ability to balance in the water. Most importantly, exercising in water has improved my physique, where I now have a toned body. Concisely, through a well-built body, I have learned that swimming is similar to other types of physical activities like running and gymnastics. It is important to note that maintaining and controlling a healthy body weight requires keenly followed stable and continuous exercise sessions.

From experience, I have learned that swimming is an important recreational activity. Notably, both young and old are attracted to aquatic activities. Nonetheless, as a swimmer, I relate to occasional injuries among many common challenges in aquatic activities. Nonetheless, there are mental benefits that result from swimming, including positive feelings, high esteem levels, collaboration spirit, competitive abilities, and reduced stress. Subsequently, the physical benefits I have acquired from swimming include strengthened joints and bones, endurance, strength, proper cardiovascular functioning, burning calories, well-toned bodies, and a deterred obesity occurrence.

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