Hillary Clinton Will Win the 2016 Elections

In less than one a month, America will take to the ballot box to vote for the next president. The two competing candidates are Hillary Clinton, who is representing the Democrats and Donald Trump from the Republican Party. Despite their popularity and vigorous campaigns, I firmly believe Hillary Clinton will win the forthcoming elections. Clinton was born in 1947, most of her years being associated with political issues. She has served as a cabinet secretary, a junior senator, and as the first lady with Bill Clinton during his gubernatorial and presidential reign. Due to this political experience, Clinton is best placed as the first female president of America. 

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The first reason Hillary Clinton will win is that she is authentic. Hillary’s authenticity has been seen through her ability to keep running for the presidency on a platform where the male gender seems to be the most favored. Clinton is also known for her ability to make well-designed strategies, use thoughtfully chosen words, and crafting appealing optics. For those reasons, as an executive with such traits, it is easy for Clinton to inherit a dangerously divided Congress. Moreover, Hillary previously worked as a cabinet secretary in 2013 and a state senator in 2009, positions that have taught her to work with her rivals and compromise on several issues for the sake of the American people (Muse 1). 

Another reason for Hillary Clinton’s success is her conversant with foreign policies. Most of her supporters say that Hillary is a seasoned veteran whose experience in foreign policies would maintain strong alliances and captivate new global partners (Doherty et al. 2). Notably, the enemies and risks facing America need a candidate who is experienced in resolving dangerous occurrences. Therefore, Hillary’s is best fitted for the presidential seat as she gained expertise as a cabinet secretary through traveling in more than 212 countries to attain vast knowledge and familiarity with other world leaders, thus understanding their agendas (Muse 1). Moreover, Clinton acknowledges and fought for people and women’s rights as their presence are critical in building the American security interest that outweighs military strength. Hillary is the right leader to uphold diplomacy, a legacy President Obama designed and maintained during his term.

The other reason that places Hillary Clinton as the best presidential candidate is her qualification and boldness as a world leader. At least 67% of Hillary’s supporters agree that her leadership ability is one of the primary reasons they will be voting for her (Doherty et al. 7). In essence, becoming a leader takes more that qualification, it is an inborn calling or talent that grows gradually. In her book Living History, Hillary tells of her story where at 8th grade, she accompanied other voters to uncover voting fraud in Chicago during President Nixon’s campaign, clear evidence that she started her political career at a tender age (Muse 1). Clinton’s boldness has continued to reign as she has been noted as the first presidential candidate to address the racial problem in America, acknowledge the Black Lives Matter movement issues, and strongly disagrees with the recurrent shootings of black people in South Carolina church (Joseph 1). Moreover, unlike Trump, Clinton supports immigrants and Latinos where she promises to uphold their rights through ensuring that they become full American citizens. Hillary also believes that global warming is an impending danger and advocates for better minimum wages and champions for the need to acquire and implement affordable health care. 

Another reason Hillary Clinton will win is that she comes from a middle-class family and will represent and fight for people in this social status adequately. From her speech, Hillary narrated that she witnessed her parent’s hard work being rewarded while this circumstance taught her that every person is not fortunate enough to live luxuriously and large. As a result, Hillary and her siblings were inspired to work harder and live in better condition (Muse 1). Therefore, Clinton acknowledges the existence of classism and has wanted to help people in low social classes to advance from poverty through growing the industries that actively keep Americans working and progressing economically. In essence, Hillary has been in a position where she has been overwhelmed by social classism and sits in a privileged seat with that notion in mind, thus creating policies that positively impact the poor in society.

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As evident from the discussion, Hillary Rodham Clinton will win the forthcoming general elections. Her authentic ability to design clear strategies, as well-organized words and crafted optics, is one of the reasons she is best fitted for this seat. In addition, it is clear that she understands classism and is ready to fight for the rights of the middle-class families in America. Hillary is experienced and qualified in foreign policy issues. She is a bold presidential candidate who does not hesitate to point out any atrocities encompassing the US in any way.


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