Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Take on the Importance of Education in Safeguarding Democracy

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United States of America. He is the only Leader who has served for four consecutive terms where he became President in 1933 until his death in 1945. He is well known for stating, “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education (Hardyman 19). ” The Americans still relate to this quote up to date, especially during elections. Under those premises, it is critical to discuss Franklin Roosevelt statement based on the United States 2016 elections that Donald Trump won.

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Therefore, in relation to Roosevelt words, the Americans expressed their democratic right by electing their leader. In the just the concluded polls, the people of America elected Donald Trump as their President, who won with a majority vote against Hillary Clinton, the closest competitor. The electors who voted for Trump did not want Clinton legacy in the White House. Thus they claimed that she had too many scandals during her time in the government. On the other hand, they believed that Trump is a self-made man despite the huge amount of money he was loaned by his father to start businesses that have made a name and a legacy for him (Mackunan 1). Most Americans feel that the country’s economy is not doing well and they have faith in Trump’s experience in business to liberate their country from the debt that most of them believe have been doubled by the Obama administration.

 Americans elected Trump since they believed in him and they wanted to end the Obama legacy, which Clinton would have proliferated. Therefore, the voters wanted to have a change of the system of government, which could only be brought by Trump. Nonetheless, people agree that although the Obama administration has created jobs, the wage in on the lower side; hence, workers are not possible to support their families. The people of America believed that Clinton would continue with the Obama system of governance in which the most of the manufacturing industries would shut down due to unfavorable regulations. The coal mining industry is almost closing down due to clean energy regulation that Trump has promised to abolish thereby reviving the industry (Mackunan 1). In essence, the majority of Americans believe that Trump will make a great president as he knows how to negotiate for favorable deals, a situation that will prosper the American economy.

On the other hand, there are people who did not agree with Trump policies during his campaigns, especially on matters concerning racism and his view of Muslims. However, those individuals still voted for him since they did not have a better option (Mackunan 1). Therefore, they are placing their hopes on the checks and balances that will prevent Trump from making erratic decisions.

In conclusion, we all know that America is a democratic country where the people have the right to express their views during voting. A large percentage of the American people are educated; therefore, the decisions they made in electing Trump over Clinton was based on what they have studied and viewed by the previous administration. However, the level of education highly determined how Americans voted. As such, the United States despite having all the resources and wealth portrayed ignorance during the concluded election. A majority of the voters believed that their problems thrive under bad governance; hence, they needed a change. Even though people did not agree with some of Trump policies, they still believed that he would bring transformation and improve the country’s economy, while giving the citizens a better life.

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