Five Management Functions


The process of management is described as the actions taken by an individual (manager) in setting the strategy and coordinating the efforts of the workforce to realize a given objective while utilizing the available resources. However, there are five primary functions of the management teams in both the private and the public organizations. These responsibilities are together with planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, and controlling. Consequently, the discussion provided evaluates the different roles and provides basic examples of the functions.

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The simplest and easiest definition of the planning function is “looking ahead.” The responsibility involves defining a goal and establishing the course of action through which to reach the set goals (Schraeder et al. 50). The role requires a high level of flexibility as the person in charge must engage different levels of management and individuals. The planner must also understand the organization and the resources for the effective planning process. An example of the planning functions of management is in the budgeting process.


The particular responsibility of the management team is known to control the general structure of the organization. In fact, the function is perceived as the foundation of all the other roles as it guides the daily running of the company. The task involves designing and assigning responsibilities to the available labor force and setting different departments’ agendas (McNamara 63). Accordingly, the manager must be able to identify the skills and capabilities of the employees before assigning the duties to ensure high efficiency. Furthermore, the organizing function regards formulating a chain of command in the organization, such as stipulating how the juniors observe protocol while reporting to the senior management teams. An example of the function of organizing is specifying the responsibilities of the human resource department in recruiting the right talents for the organization.


The function is also called staffing in other organizations, which revolves around recruiting and managing the employees. Accordingly, the managers must be effective in hiring the right talent for the particular responsibilities to realize the set objectives. Besides recruiting, the function involves the roles of training, talent development, performance appraisal, promotion, and possible transfers (Vliet 1). Consequently, one could appreciate that without the roles of commanding, the organization would not realize the operational objectives as they require the facilitation of the employees. An example of roles undertaken in the commanding function is demonstrated in the aspect of assigning duties to the employees.


The process of coordination entails the function of managing, organizing, planning, and staffing functions in an organization. The importance of the function cannot be underestimated as it ensures that the company runs effectively and takes place through the meeting and the planning sessions where the functional roles include the supervision, communication, as well as offering guidance and direction to the different organizational departments (Roberts 1).

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The controlling function of management teams includes the overall responsibility to observe that all other functions are running cohesively. For an organization to operate profitably or effectively, the management teams must ensure that standards are regularly established and monitored. Through the monitoring processes, the management teams could establish the appropriate alignment of the efforts of employees and resources towards the realization of the organizational goals and objectives (McNamara 63). The example of the function of controlling is the identification of common situations and instituting the control measures, and reviewing the performance standards.


From the discussion presented, the roles of teams of management in organizations are diversified. However, the successful operations of the companies require the application of all the functions by the teams of managers. These responsibilities have been pointed as planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, and controlling.


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