Effects of Cyberbullying Among Teenagers Today


Online bullying amongst teenagers is described as harassment through the internet by their fellow peers. Cyberbullying includes spreading false rumors about a person online or sending malicious voice emails or text messages to someone. Other ways include leaving sexually aggressive or bad comments on a person’s media accounts and setting up fake profiles to harm another person’s reputation. Also, hacking into someone’s account and using it to send damaging messages is a form of cyber harassment. Online bullying has evolved consistently over the past ten years due to the easy accessibility of digital devices by most teenagers. Therefore, this global problem has proven difficult to deal with because of its complexity.  Whatsoever, this study intends to help the reader understand the serious implications of cyberbullying and the steps that should be taken to quell these problems.

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Statement of Problem

What misfortunes are teenagers likely to face during the process of cyberbullying? Cyberbullying is categorized as a problem because it affects not only the psychological being of teenagers but also their self-esteem and health.

The Proposed Study

The reason for this study is to outline and evaluate precisely the cyber harassment, forms of bullying, and the outcomes of the same. Thus, this report aims at educating teenagers and parents on the best ways of avoiding this threat as well as advising policymakers on the proper steps that should be taken to encourage a bullying-free digital platform.

Scope of the Study

The central question recurring around this study is the challenges encountered by teenagers due to cyberbullying. However, the following sub-questions will assist in understanding the scope of this topic.

  1. What behavior could expose teenagers to cyber bullying?
  2. Which is the most targeted gender?
  3. Which are the best ways of avoiding cyberbullying?
  4. How can parents, guardians, and policymakers assist teenagers in overcoming or entirely preventing cyberbullying?


The primary sources used during this study include interviews with psychiatric counselors who have dealt with this kind of challenge. More so, some researchers will observe teenagers who have been bullied in the past. Our secondary sources will include borrowing information from related journals, articles, and reports. The information from these records will be endorsed with information related to teenage bullying and overcoming the challenge.

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Qualifications of the Researchers

This research has been specially undertaken by college students interested in the well-being of their fellow mates. Also, they are interested in the best undertaking to quell this menace that could affect their fellow students.


Cyberbullying has become an individual problem and a global problem that should be addressed before it becomes uncontrollable. Although the related authorities and website managers have argued that they have put in place security measures to protect their users, the crisis continues to affect teenagers and internet users globally. 


All the researchers who have been involved in this assignment believe that the great output they have put in during this study will attract approval. The research welcomes all the suggestions and corrections which will enhance the study.





























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