Early Childhood: Pinch

Why do you think the initial attempts to stop Reagan from pinching were unsuccessful?

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The initial attempts to stop Reagan from pinching other learners were unsuccessful because she was not motivated to quit the negative behavior. The consequence of her conduct failed to match her anti-social action (Durwin & Reese-Weber, 2017). For example, the sticker would not encourage Reagan to stop the conduct, which the teacher wanted to discourage. Therefore, she did not look forward to receiving the sticker. Conversely, the “hope” to catch Reagan early, accompanied by praising her, was successful because the child enjoyed the positive reinforcement for her actions.

Would the teachers have reacted the same way if a boy were pinching other children? Why or why not?

The strategy might have been different if a boy had been involved in negative behavior. Gender plays a vital role in the use of reinforcement because the motivation for boys differ from that of girls. Firstly, a male student would be more aggressive than a female learner and might not be encouraged to stop by merely praising him. Secondly, the teacher would have to look for another strategy to motivate the student, such as giving him additional playing minutes after recess if he manages to complete a lesson without pinching others. The teacher might be required to find a more effective reinforcement strategy.

Why do you think Miss Amber makes a point of getting the children’s attention when a new activity begins? What might happen if they failed to do this?

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Miss Amber made a point of attracting children’s attention when a new activity began because they are easily distracted. The teacher used an effective strategy to attract and maintain the student’s attention. She ensured that the learners participated in the teaching process. Failure to use the approach would cause students to drift away from the classroom activity and focus on unimportant things, such as pinching others. The lesson would also be boring; hence, learners would lose interest.



Durwin, C. C., & Reese-Weber, M. J. (2017). Interactive: EdPsych modules (3rd ed.). Thousand Oaks CA: SAGE Publications, Inc.

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