Declaration of Independence


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The rationale for this essay is to provide a persuasive discussion, which will demonstrate that the Declaration of Independence was the turning point for the United States political, economic, and social pillars. The Declaration of Independence effectively led to the establishment of the United States of America with a constituent thirteen states. This laid the ground for further expansion and fortification of the United States into the world’s only superpower (Armitage 103). The Declaration of Independence was an event in the history of the United States when the thirteen states of America officially claimed independence.  In a statement read by Thomas Jefferson, the states affirmed their right to statehood and delinked the country with the king of Great Britain and the entire imperial government. This effectively marked the start of the existence of a free America (Mayer 45).

This historical event was of great significance because its timing was quite strategic (Middlekauff 67). Occurring after a lengthy American revolutionary war, the Declaration of Independence was an unequivocal affirmation of the quest for freedom of the American states. As a result, the Declaration set the motion for the political, economic, and social models that typified American ideas devoid of the influence from the British colonialists (Wills 25). The ramifications of the Declaration can be understood through a thorough evaluation of the economic, political, and social pillars in light of the trends that followed the declaration. Its importance in conquering British control over American states and the establishment of a new free federalist republic underscores its significance.


Mayer avers that Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence was a great political event in the history of the United States in the sense that it marked the beginning of the federal republic of the United States (45). This was an inherently political event since the political history of the United States traces its roots to the Declaration of Independence (Armitage 103).  Although the declaration is not a structural or a systemic pillar in the government of the United States, it was the basis of all instruments of the republic. The United States constitution was created and enforced on the auspices of the Declaration of Independence. If this declaration was not made, then there could be no basis for the establishment of the United States constitution and the government.

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The Declaration of Independence heralded the creation of the American state (Wills 25). There can be no United States of America without Jefferson’s Declaration. In addition, the role of the declaration of independence in constructing the political viewpoint of the United States is exemplified in the content and spirit of the declaration (Mayer 45). The tenets of the declaration as articulated by Jefferson underscore the inherent objectives, principles, and soul of the United States.  Therefore, the declaration of independence set the tone for the development of the political structures, systems, and platforms of the United States (Middlekauff 67).


As Armitage states, the Declaration of Independence was an event of great economic significance because it marked the beginning of a capitalist economic system at the birth of the United States of America (103). Owing to the fact that America had been under the rule of Great Britain during the colonial period, the economic system was anchored on servitude because all benefits went to the British government and the king. This was one of the reasons why a war was launched against colonial masters to free the American people from British economic oppression. Following the Declaration of Independence, a new economic system that was based on principles of egalitarianism and capitalism was created. This system was seen as fair to all citizens because it rewarded hard work and individual’s efforts (Wills 25). Under the capitalist system, which has become the global system of economics, the individuals own the factors of production and success is an individual matter. In fact, the harder an individual works the more the benefit (Armitage 103).

The format of the United States, which emanated from the Declaration of Independence, coincided with the evolution of a new economic system that governs the management of economic activities, money, and business (Middlekauff 67). This was an imperative part of the declaration because it affirmed the freedom of all people to have their preferred system of governance. The Declaration of Independence was a signal of the new economic dawn that characterized the establishment of the United States. Currently, the United States has a unique economy across the globe through its full espousal of the elements of capitalism (Mayer 45).


As articulated by Middlekauff, the Declaration of Independence was a social movement that led to the creation of a new community in the world, the United States of America (67). The author cites the unique culture and social system of the United States as reason enough for the social significance of the Declaration. As stipulated by Jefferson in the Declaration, the thirteen states embarked on a road of freedom, equality and social inclusion, which is a society without discrimination, slavery, and oppression. This was in regard to the divisive social policies of the colonial government (Mayer 45).  It was obvious that one of the reasons why Americans revolted the colonial government was their firm belief in social inclusion.

Therefore, the Declaration of Independence marked the creation of a new culture and social system in the United States (Armitage 103). Indeed, this made the Declaration a symbol of the social revolution that brought an end to social exclusion, discrimination, and oppression. In fact, following the declaration, America embarked on the process of building a society founded on ethics and welfare, which was a society that respected civil rights and the freedom of all people irrespective of religion, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. This was a dream well exemplified in the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence was a great impetus towards the realization of the American social dream (Mayer 45). Today, the U.S. is governed by a culture of universality and respect to all people. In fact, equality is the cornerstone of the American social policy (Wills 25).


As is evident from the above discussion, the Declaration of Independence was a turning point in political, social, and economic status because it heralded the evolution of the American federal republic. Politically, the Declaration of independence marked the establishment of the American republic and influenced the political systems, which were articulated in the constitution. The Declaration also marked the establishment of a political ideology based on egalitarianism where the U.S. stands for political participation and democracy. Thomas Jefferson articulated these values in the Declaration, which played a key role in the creation of the USA. Economically the declaration upheld America’s firm belief in capitalism as an economic system. The establishment of the USA also involved the creation of a new economic system based on individual efforts and ownership of property. In addition, the Declaration was of social significance because it heralded the formation of a new social order based on civil rights, equality, and respect for all identities.  The Declaration of Independence was indeed a historical masterpiece in the evolution of the current American republic.

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