Cultural/Social Diversity and Ethnicity

  1. There are diverse religious beliefs followed by the Chinese, including Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, Catholicism, and Protestantism. However, the majority, an approximately quarter of the people, prescribe to the traditional religious beliefs, Taoism and Confucianism (Beinfield & Korngold, 2013).
  2. Religious beliefs have an important role to play in healthcare because they are the basis for the spiritual aspect of treatment and healing (Beinfield & Korngold, 2013). Whatever the beliefs that people hold in terms of their faith has an impact on the way they receive care, and should be taken into consideration when they are being given the care.
  1. The Chinese view pain and suffering as emerging when the complementary energies fail to be in harmony. The forces known as yin and yang are important in maintaining optimal health (Beinfield & Korngold, 2013).
  2. Cultural healers play an important role in the healing process based on the spiritual aspect of calling back the yin and yang back to the perfect harmony. They also practice the traditional healing practices and medicine (Beinfield & Korngold, 2013).
  3. Death in the Chinese culture is viewed as the departure of the soul to another world. Hence, the practices performed are meant to ensure that the soul is at peace in the new world (Beinfield & Korngold, 2013).
  4. The nurses can use the information in providing care where the contemporary relating it to the yin and yang belief (Beinfield & Korngold, 2013). In the dying process, the nurse can make it easy by communicating with the client about the peace of the soul in the new world.
  1. The family is a very important part of the Chinese culture. The patriarchal family structures are an important part of the social life which is highly valued (Li & Lamb, 2013).
  2. The elders have an important place in the Chinese culture as they are part of binding the society together (Li & Lamb, 2013). They are the source of wisdom about various aspects of life.
  3. If a member of the family is hospitalized, it would be expected that the members of the family will be beside him or her and take an interest in the treatment process (Li & Lamb, 2013).
  4. One of the approaches is to get the elder member of the family, acting like the leader to provide the information. Another approach is to use a spiritual or traditional leader.
    1. Respect and honor are very critical in the personal space of the Chinese people.
    2. Among the Chinese people, verbal and non-verbal communications play an important role. They have a special way of interpreting, positively or negatively, eye contact, gestures, and touching (Nie et al., 2013). For example, when speaking to them, you are expected to maintain eye contact. On the other hand, touching can communicate caring.
    3. When interacting with those of the same culture, they are more open and welcoming, with people from another culture they can be somewhat reserved and with health professionals they can show a great deal of respect (Nie et al., 2013).
    4. The nurse can begin with greetings, which are highly valued by these people. He or she can touch the patient in a way that gives reassurance.
    1. Rice is the most important food for the Chinese people and has played a role in the growth of the society (Nie et al., 2013).
    2. Cuisine depends on the geography and ethnic diversity of the people. However, the most important foods include peanuts, sesame paste, and ginger. They are impacted by hospitalization because the hospitals might not have them readily available (Nie et al., 2013).
    3. The nurses can provide more healthy choices which are spiced using the traditional cuisine to encourage consumption. The nurse can also as much as possible provide healthy foods that are part of the culture.


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