Creating New Policy – New Employment Law

Employment Regulations in the United Arab Emirates

The company believes its success depends on the performance and talent of dedicated employees. Adopting the new policy will allow the company to commit itself to the UAE employment practices outlined in its Code of Conduct.

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Recruitment, Talent Development, and Promotion

The company will recruit and promote employees based on the suitability of their skills.

The company will encourage employees to engage in continuous professional development.

The company will offer training and development opportunities through mentorship programs, coaching, and on-the-job training.

Employment Contracts

Employees’ engagement will be on fixed-term employment contracts that do not exceed three years.

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The company will have flexible working models. Thus, employees will work on part-time, full-time, or temporary contracts.

Employment Termination

Either party can initiate the termination of the employment relationship through written notice.

The company will provide a minimum notice period of 30 days with a maximum of 90 days.

During the probation period, the termination of employees will need 14 days’ written notice.


The company will reimburse employees according to their skills, experience, and performance.

There will be equal pay for equal work.

The company will offer different attractive benefits to meet the diverse workforce’s needs based on the UAE market practices.

Protection against Harassment

The law prohibits bullying, harassment, or any form of violence against employees.

The company values diversity and does not tolerate discrimination in the workplace.

The company will provide an inclusive environment for all, regardless of gender, race, religion, marital status, or disability.

Maternity Pay and Leave

An employee will go for 45 days of fully paid maternity leave and 15 days on half-pay.

In newborn death and stillborn, an employee will be entitled to  60 days with full maternity pay.

Employees will have additional 45 days of unpaid leave if they suffer pregnancy-related illness.

Parental Leave

Employees will access five days of paid parental leave.

Disability Leave

Employees with children with disabilities will have additional 60 days of disability leave on full pay.

Compassionate Leave

Employees will have five days’ paid leave for their spouse’s death and three days of paid leave for their parent’s death, sibling, grandparent, or grandchild.

Study Leave

Employees will have 10 days of study leave upon completing two years in service.


The policy principles define the company’s expectations of the current and future employees. The policy guides the employment relationships for every party in the company.



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Brown, B and True, D (2021). The New UAE Labor Law—What you need to know. Retrieved from

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