Connecting with Customers

Xerox Company has in the past been successful in working with customers, especially following the strategy of working in sales teams. The teams can work together to understand the customers’ needs and then work to fulfill those needs. The dedication of the company and its sales team to the needs of the customers is evidently depicted. However, it is important to remember that the needs of the customers are dynamic. Therefore, revolutionary tactics should be employed to address and meet customers’ needs. Worth noting is that the methods that worked for the company yesterday might not work today. It also indicates that if the company does not adjust to the changing customers’ needs and profiles, it might lose them to the competitors (Aakhus et al., 2014).

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In the modern business environment, the company’s sales team does not have to meet physically with the customers to convince them that they offer the best. Therefore, the need to capitalize on technology cannot be overemphasized. Social networking is a strong tool that can be used by the sales team to connect with the customers as well as understand their needs and work effectively towards addressing those desires (Grover & Lyytinen, 2015). The Internet provides a highly effective means for receiving the requests from the customers and promptly processes them to their satisfaction. This way, the customers feel that the company gives their needs a priority. With the social media, the team will be able to do more in less time and with reduced costs. The customers will also have greater convenience in communicating with the sales team. Effective communication is the most effective way of achieving customer loyalty (Kerin & Hartley, 2017).

In essence, to remain relevant and competitive, it is imperative for the company to embrace innovation. In this aspect, the current need for a more effective management of information systems is emphasized. While the current systems are working, they should include a more social media presence. Indeed, this is necessary because the company will be able to reach a more global clientele with minimal cost. The approach will also be more effective than when the company has to look for customers and meet them in physical locations. With the social media, the team will not only relate to the fellow salespersons within the company but also build strong online communities with the current and potential customers (Solomon, 2010). The sales team will be able to receive reviews and feedback from the customers that will allow them to improve their services as well as challenge the company to improve its products. As such, the customer will feel valued, especially when the team is active in responding to their queries and needs.

In training the sales teams, the leadership should include the use of technology, including the diverse social media platforms, which are also dynamic. This way, the team will be well versed with the use of the new media tools that will relate to the customers better (Blais, 2011). The current sales team is working well, with each person assuming their place in all the stages of a sales process. However, this can cause discord in case the team is not working in unison. In that aspect, any issue can be addressed by taking advantage of the networked systems. In a networked customer relations management system, each member of the sales team has a place and a role to play. Thus, adequate training is necessary for the team to understand the system, assume their rightful position, and work well with the customers in their rightful positions.

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