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1) One strategy/ policy that would cause a break in the chain of transmission regarding needles and HIV.

Answer: Therefore, to break the chain in the transmission of malaria, the environment should be changed. There should be efforts to clear stagnant pools of water, a situation that would stop the breeding of the Anopheles mosquito. In this case, it indicates the need to spread awareness on the importance of keeping the environment clean, and more importantly getting rid of any stagnant water.

2A) Do you believe this is the future of public health.

Answer: Just as I believe that information is the future of health, I believe in a future described by Rachel McKendry in the video. The interconnectedness of health systems and experts through technology will be possible, creating the possibility of getting important information on diseases and potential outbreaks. A future where this knowledge is possible will have a healthier population since it will enhance prevention of diseases before they occur or turn into calamities. Information systems are already in place, continue to improve, and will be harnessed in real life to improve the health of individuals and communities.

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2B) Do you think this will improve our response and surveillance to new threats.

Answer: Lack of the necessary information hinders effective control and response to emerging threats to health. Thus, I believe a future with more information will allow better response and surveillance to new threats.

2C) Would you participate by recording on your cell?

Answer: I will be prepared to take part in a campaign aimed at providing more information on emerging threats in time to prevent them. I am prepared to be part of the revolution that will create a healthier society with the collaboration between the public and experts. Thus, I would record on my cell phone the necessary information to achieve better tracking of diseases and for helping in getting more innovative solutions to public health problems.

2D) Do you think this tool is controversial?

Answer: Because of the issues such as privacy of personal information, the tool is controversial. There is also the issue of being prepared to embrace technology, which means that only a part of the population might be willing to adopt the technology.


Reading your views on this public health issue and the responses on the digital revolution to monitor diseases more effectively I realize that you have presented an informed point of view. I agree with your idea about the better use of syringe as a way of breaking the transmission of HIV. I would advise you to study more about other possible ways of preventing the transmission of HIV such as being faithful to one partner.

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