Business Analysis

Date Activities to be undertaken Actions required Action planned
15/05/2016 The review of the proposal and the framework developed in the project. Start  working on the project, particularly on the fundamental   functional area Acquire a clear understanding of the visions and objectives of the project to clearly separate the functional from non-functional aspects To complete the key functional areas
18/05/2016 Start working on the non-functional components The completion of the work on the non-functional requirements To complete work on  non-functional requirements to pave way for the development of product backlogs
20/05/2016 Undertake research on what constitute of product backlog  to understand how to create it before developing one Completing product backlog Complete developing product backlog to start working on business impact.
22/05/2016 Undertake the review on the “As is” and the “To be” frameworks.

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Start  working on the project’s business impact

Complete on the brief on the impact of the project Compile the recommendations section of the  briefing
25/05/2016 Start working on the mock up characterized by the user story acceptance Complete the criteria on the users’ story of acceptance Align the user acceptance story to select and start  working on a job description
26/05/2016 Start developing business analysis job description Complete developing the description Work on the executive summary
28/05/2016 Incorporate the bibliography and finalize the report Review the entire report to make it ready  for presentation Submit  the report


 The Project Journal

The completion of the project is an intricate process. Therefore, it is important to have a guiding timeframe upon which the project would be executed (Blais 2012).

Product Backlog

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The product or outcome of a project should satisfy the users’ requirements (Carkenord 2009). Therefore, a product backlog is an important tool upon which the expectations can be identified and incorporated in the product development.

As a/an I would want the new system to…. So that
Administrator Be able to register new members to the club through the online system The new members can be registered cheaply and effectively as compared to the current manual registration
User (club member) Able  to log in to the system at convenient places and time To reduce the need to go to the  club’s offices every time there is a  need to make an inquiry or gather information
User  (club member) Log out after  finishing  with the site To ensure that no one gets  access to my account after I am through
User (the club’s office) Monitor the members, their  activeness, and contributions To determine the active members through the  systematic review
User (administrator) Remove the registered members who have stayed in the system for long before  making a positive contribution To  ensure that only the active members remain as  affiliates to pave way  for the interested members
User (administrator) Receive  inquiries from both the existing and non-existing members Serve the clients effectively and conveniently
User (the club’s office) Send information to specific members in time and in good form through the  online system Avoid sharing confidential information. The information should be sent to the specific members
User (club member) Change password, and retrieve an account  upon forgetting passwords and or user name Remain active even after such unfortunate occurrences
User (administrator) Being able to retrieve user information such as names, addresses, and telephone number Contact the user when there is the need
User (club member) Change some details such as address and telephone number Keep in touch with the  club even after changing the contact details
User (club member) Make payments through the online platform Conveniently and securely book for events  without  having to travel to the offices



“AS IS” Processes

Receive application                                          if applicant not suitable

If applicant suitable

Open file













Fills in the application form

TO BE” Process

Interested application

Confirm all fills filled

Enter details in the database

If applicant suitable

If applicant not suitable

Change detail when requested by member







Comparing “As Is” and “To Be” to prepare for the change and Training Team

The shift from the “As Is system” (manual registration of members) to the “To Be” (the proposed online registration system), will have some impact to the people, process, and the technology. The implementation of the change will require the reorganization of the processes and the training of the team, which operating in the system (Brijs 2012; Pollio 2001). Therefore, the comparison of the two systems can be differentiated by looking at the impact of the change.



The Impact of the change the People and Processes

The users of both the old and new systems are the people who will be impacted by the proposed changes. The administrator, the office staff, the existing, and potential club members are the primary stakeholders of concern in this respect (Cadle et al 2014). The club members will have little to learn about the system because they just need to follow interfaces that are simple to understand, while registering and using the platform. However, the administrator and the office staff would be required to possess technical skills to understand and operate the new system. Therefore, training is required to boost the likelihood of the success of the proposed project (Harvard Business Review Press 2011). As opposed to “As Is,” the “To Be” system will not require the administrator and the office staff. On one hand, the interested members would not be required to meet one on one. The system operators are hence required to be cautious and follow the due process to avoid registering and involving unauthorized parties.


Technological advancement is an obvious development that Olympic Club will experience upon the implementation of the proposed change. New computer hardware and software will be adopted because the online registration processes are primarily dependent on their application (Palepu and Healy 2008). The new system cannot take place in the absence of the internet connectivity, which is one of the important technological changes expected.

Managing Recommendation

The introduction of the new system can be a complicated process in a situation where the support from the people is not forthcoming. The users of the proposed system can resist, while in other cases, they may not have the necessary skills to support the implementation. The first step in managing the recommended project to its success is the training of the users (Frisendal 2012; Johri 2010). It is clear that the current team does not have the prerequisite experience in a computerized system; they are used to manual paper and pen system. The management should invest in the training of the staff by hiring experts to teach them on computer operations and the application of the relevant software and systems. The training should be detailed and the staff should be taught on the practical application before being allowed to operate the system independently (Ma and Yhan 2014; Sobh et al. 2007). The need for intensive training is also compelled by the fact that the system will involve online payments, which can be at risk if the team operating within the system is not cautious enough.

Backlog Categorization using the MOSCOW Method

The components that are of great significance must be incorporated otherwise the proposed system will not be realized (Myers 2009). The components that are of priority are categorized as “Must Have” and they are ranked from 1 to 5. According to the method, the “Must Have” requires clarity before the project kicks off or is launched because lack of either of the components would lead to total failure (Zikmund et al. 2012; Moran 2015). Should Have components (ranked from 5 to 9) are the not only critical but also important and of high value, while “could have” are the features (ranked from 9 to 11), which could be incorporated without the incurring a lot of efforts or cost.



Priority Ranking As a/an I want to…. So as that….
Must Have 1 System administrator/office staff Have the skills and knowledge about the registration  process  using the new system The staff concerned should be able to access and run the new system
Must Have 2 User/club   member Be in a position to log in To access the system and use it in the registration, accessing information, and making payments when required.
Must Have 3 User/club  member Log out  my account after I am through To reduce the risk of another person accessing  my account after I am through
Must Have 4 User/club   member Be able to enter and alter personal details  when  necessary To  effect changes such as change of address and occupation
Must Have 5 User/club  member Receive notification of the new events and information To be informed of  new  development as a  member
Should  have 6 Administrator/office staff Ability to incorporate changes  on members details The changes requested  by the members can be incorporated
Should  have 7 Administrator/office staff To remove registered members who not adding value to the club  To have at the register only the ones that are active and adding value; hence, reducing the cost of holding unnecessary data
Should  have 8 User/club member The option for live chat To make equerries and receive feedback promptly
Should  have 9 Administrator/office staff Be able to change the members password as and when requested after authentication To avoid hacking and  allowing the members  to operate secured accounts
Could  have 10 administrator/office staff Easily access  information to interested members in an upcoming event To monitor the expected activity level from the members
Could  have 11 User/club member  An opportunity to chat with other members Socialization and sharing ideas among club  members

Screen Designs for Two MUST Stories, Business Rules, and Justification of the Design


ID Theme As a/an I want to So that… MVP
1 Members  registration  administrator/office staff Registered members using the online system New members do not have to flock in the  office to register Must
2 Member’s Information administrator/office staff Access and update member’s information conveniently I can  assess the membership activeness and  update  details as per member’s request Must

Business rules:

The following business rules are applicable to the two ranked Must Have stories:

  1. The primary  details of individuals interested in registering as members, including name, age, gender, and contact information must be given priority


  1. Upon filling in the primary details, the individuals should be automatically be incorporated in the list of members
  2. Only the active members  will be retained in the list of members




Member’s details
Registration number
Home/office phone








Personal phone
Post number
Postal code
Email address
Last name
First name





Justification of the design

The design can be justified using four reasons/factors including:

  1. It incorporates fundamental information about a member
  2. It is easy to navigate and operate
  3. It provides for the log in and out
  4. It provides the opportunity for the life chat

Acceptance Criteria for the Two Stories

Story 1: As a system administrator, I want to register the club members through the online platform to have members registered conveniently

The functions in the web portal are not only easy to apply, but also easy to display data; story a few acceptance criteria including:

  • The components allow the entry of the fundamental components in a registration
  • It is easy to authenticate and adjust data to ensure that they are 100% accurate
    • The portal is easy to use; hence, interested individuals can just fill in the required details when registering as members

Story 2: As a system administrator I want to Access and update member’s information conveniently so that I can assess the membership, activeness, and update details as per member’s request

  • The members can request for an adjustment in their accounts through the setting icon in the portal
  • The members provide the details on the aspect  they intend to adjust and authenticate their identity
  • The date of the last activity is used as an indication of the activeness  level of the member

Job Descriptions for a Business Analyst

Olympic Club is one of the best clubs for swimming and tennis games. The club has been in operation since 1961 and is looking forward to implement an online registration platform to replace the manual (paper and pen) system. The organization is looking for a business analyst and call for interested parties to make applications upon fulfilling the requirements and responsibilities:

  • Three years’ experience in a systems analysis
  • Able to articulate teamwork and communication (Weese & Wagner 2011)
  • Be creative  to  be able to define problems and their solutions
  • The ability to define the stakeholders’ interests and develop a satisfying product
  • Be able to formulate work breakdown structures and timeframes
  • Be comfortable with conducting interviews and be able to utilize question opportunities effectively for the best results.
  • Have the ability to Conduct “As is” and “To be” analysis and develop their diagrams accurately.

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