Barriers to Portfolio Development and Reflection

A portfolio plays a vital role in nursing education because it facilitates instructional objectives while using adequate evidence of strategies to achieve positive student outcomes. The process provides support for the performance of nursing students. Regardless of the critical role played by the portfolio, nurse educators experience some barriers during the development process.

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Various challenges affect portfolio development in a nursing context. Firstly, the initiative might face issues with management commitment. The management might lack an adequate understanding of the purpose and value of the portfolio. The barrier can be eliminated through research and evidence of the impact of portfolio in nursing education (Bleasel, Burgess, Weeks, & Haq, 2016). The concept can also be addressed by making portfolio development part of the organizational culture. Secondly, resistance within the organization might affect portfolio development. The challenge can be solved by training nursing education teams about the importance and benefits of portfolio assessment and involving nurse educators and other professionals in the implementation process (Nielsen, Pedersen, & Helms, 2015). Finally, portfolio development suffers from financial limitations if the management receives inadequate support. The challenge can be solved by marketing portfolio assessment as a worthy investment for an organization and conducting a cost-benefit assessment to provide support for its adoption.

Commentary and Evidence


I have met various personal and professional goals through the course. I can apply the South University’s Five Pillars of Nursing. For instance, I can work with my peers professionally, I have become better at critical thinking to solve medical issues, I understand holistic care, and I can communicate and collaborate with other professionals to achieve quality outcomes. I have also developed competence in major Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice. For example, I have become more knowledgeable in the implementation of advocacy in nursing. I can apply the skills in advocating for change towards the use of evidence-based practice in providing nursing services. Besides, I have learned how to find and use evidence in my practice. I understand the role of information systems in nursing education and service delivery.

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Furthermore, adequately trained nurses are critical in healthcare. As a result, I have studied some crucial aspects of nurse education, such as the use of portfolio assessment. The tools and other strategies require critical thinking and adequate research evidence to inform practice.

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