Application Essay

Change in my Household Income

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I have made a critical decision to pursue an MSN to support the need for better healthcare in my family and community. My household income changed recently when one of the contributors lost his job. We have used a considerable part of the family budget to cater for the needs amid the reduction in the revenue. This created a difference in the previous earning because fewer people are earning. Regardless, I believe in the need to pursue my advanced education to become a more competent nurse.

Personal or Family Financial Circumstances and Need for Scholarship

Due to the changes in our household income and the insufficiency of funds, I am requesting for financial assistance to pursue the MSN program. This support will help me to begin and complete the program, as well as to seek a better paying job to increase my household income. The scholarship will have a positive impact on my education as I advance my knowledge in nursing.


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I have the necessary qualifications to pursue the education program and become a competent nurse. I would wish the review committee to take note of my excellent performance since elementary school and my high GPA in high school when considering my application. I am confident that my performance will inform the decision to accept my candidature in the program and award the scholarship.

My Interest in the Field or Major

My interest in advancing my academic knowledge in nursing developed out of experience in the community. I understand that many people in the neighborhood have poor access to medical care because of finances and lack of knowledge about the need for interventions such as preventive care. I have been involved in community mobilization projects and behavioral change campaigns to educate people about the need for seeking preventive services. Such participation has informed my need for further education to develop my knowledge and skills.

The Reason for Pursuing the Degree

I knew I wanted to pursue this degree program during my undergraduate level to advance my education and professional expertise. However, I have always desired to be in a higher position in my career. Therefore, while undergraduate education could help me to provide my services, I cannot make the same impact in my community as I would with an MSN. I believe that the challenges facing the community require urgent intervention, which is one of the reasons I would like to pursue the program.

Short- and Long-Term Career Goals

I have various short and long-term career goals. One of the goals is to develop the knowledge and skills to provide safe and quality care to the members of the community. I am pursuing a career to be better equipped to provide effective interventions, including preventive health care. Hence, pursuing the degree program will assist me in improving my skills and knowledge aligned with my goals. I will become a better nurses advocate and educator to help enhance access to quality and safe care.

Skills and Traits to Overcome Obstacles

I have fewer skills and traits that have assisted me in overcoming obstacles. I am resilient and patient. For example, I have overcome major financial difficulties to pursue my education up to the undergraduate level. I also listen to patients carefully, an initiative that has enabled me to deal with problematic patients. I am proud of the chance to complete my undergraduate education, regardless of financial issues. The accomplishment will make it possible for me to serve individuals and communities in the caring profession.

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