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Unlike many friends that I have met in my journey of studies, I was not completely aware of whether I would pursue a doctorate degree ever since I commenced my studies in junior school. However, my admiration was on those doctors who had accomplished impressive feats in the field of medicine, including those who had won Nobel prizes because of their dedication to research as well as selfless efforts in alleviating diseases and illnesses and assisting those in distress. In fact, I knew that medical practitioners had the opportunity to dedicate their lives and career to assist the society and the patients. Therefore, that is where I wanted to be, and my interest in Osteopathic medicine became evident. Indeed, since I started my career specialization in Osteopathic medicine, I have never conceived another rewarding and better career than the one that would give me an opportunity to serve the people by assisting them to view the world as a better place to live in devoid of suffering, which can be prevented, alleviated, treated, and cured.

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Notably, I have consulted widely about the best Institution to further my studies, especially in my doctorate degree, and all the links and referrals have directed me to Midwestern University Arizona College of Osteopathic medicine (AZCOM). In fact, many things stand out in this reputable institution, and I believe this is my University of choice. First, I personally relate to the spirit of the University mission statement of meeting the contemporary societal need for the physician by insisting on the educational experiences required to serve all the societies (AZCOM 40). In fact, the curriculum offers innovative academic foundations, which incorporate the philosophy of osteopathic practices and principles. In addition, the institution aims at being entirely incorporated in the clinical and basic sciences as well as promoting faculty research and development. On the other hand, the curriculum is offering the arduous basic science approach, which emphasizes in the case discussions, problem-based learning, and clinical correlates. On the same principles, there are top clinical rotations usually at the major teaching centers as well as ambulatory service facilities in all the areas of Phoenix metropolitan and in the rural and suburban locations in the entire area of Southwest and Arizona, which will give me the exposure and prerequisites in the fundamental tenets of care provision.

Another important aspect that I found appealing is the approach used by the institution in the osteopathic profession. They use a patient-centered approach to the entire healthcare, and they emphasize on the preventive/primary care medicine. This approach is important because it gives the practitioners a better understanding of all the conditions of the patients by considering the basic history, which acts as the cornerstone of the strong healthcare system as well as improving healthcare outcome, delivering quality healthcare, and reducing disparities through health equity. In the same aspect, being a doctor of an osteopathic physician in this institution, I will enjoy the same privileges and rights as allopathic physicians and at the same time possess additional skills to treat patients with osteopathic manipulative medicine. Therefore, my studies here will have a great impact in providing patients with comprehensive care by combining the traditional medical approaches and osteopathic manipulative medicine.

Being in this institution, I will be able to collaborate and guide more than 2,000 physicians from specialized private practices and major metropolitan health centers in all the states, a partnership created to offer clinical rotations for the students in their final years of studies. In this initiative, I will use my skills to assist those students in the area of anatomy and physiology as well as instruct them in the lab and implement laboratory practical and exercises, which is an extension of the work that I do as an Adjunct Professor at Mississippi College, Clinton, MS. Under my studies, I am also ready to lecture in the course content as well as create exams and quizzes for pre-healthcare professional students, an experience that I have gained as Adjunct professor at Mississippi College, Clinton, MS and Hinds Community College, Pearl, MS.

I am also cognizant of the new postdoctoral programs offered by the institution. In fact, these programs focus much on my areas of interest, which are primary care disciplines through residency and internship programs throughout Arizona. Through these initiatives, the institution has been able to fulfill some of my anticipations of overcoming healthcare challenges by increasing the number of primary care providers in the entire Arizona. In fact, the milestone achieved by the institution of graduating nine classes of osteopathic is encouraging considering that health in Arizona is among the primary economic cluster of this state in its strategic plan for economic development.

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Personally, I have a sincere interest in the field of osteopathic medicine. Since my undergraduate graduation, I have been involved in various health facilities where my impact is still felt until today. For instance, before my undergraduate graduation in 2011, I joined Regional Medical Center of San Jose, Emergency Department as a clinical information assistant where I was responsible for creating and completing my patients’ charts for the attending physician. In addition, I accompanied physicians during patients’ examination, a situation that assisted me to document their medical history, procedures, and physical exams. In the same aspect, I assisted the attending physician as expected, an initiative that enabled me to master competing priorities in the fast-paced environment. In this setup, I was able to communicate with the patients effectively, understand their needs, as well as interact with my colleagues in delivering the best care to the patients.

Given this opportunity to study my Ph.D. in this institution, I anticipate continuing with my publications, especially in resources that will help patients to understand their anatomy and assist them to achieve high levels of wellness by concentrating on injury prevention, health education, and disease prevention. In fact, the engagement with the institution will create more value on my Patient Resource booklet for Hypomelanosis, which I researched and created in 2011 when I was in the Genetic Alliance in the United Kingdom. In addition, I will be able to demonstrate more expertise in interpreting and summarizing data from any transcript from a patient focus group as well as implement and analyze feedback from any professional development event either from the Midwestern University or for any other affiliated Institution.

I have also shown a lot of interest in my field of study through commitment and motivation to health care. First, with my working experience, I have demonstrated a high level of efficiency; I have given my time and resources towards volunteer work, an initiative that I will continue to pursue my doctorate studies and during medical practice. Specifically, I undertook MUSC volunteering under Dr. Robert Cina in the Pediatric General Surgeon in 2015. I also participated in two significant volunteer trips in Peru Immersion with SCU Service Centre and Global Medical Brigade mission in Panama. In fact, on the Panama trip, together with my team, we collected $15,000 for funds. Still, I was a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity even before I started my master’s education. From my volunteer work, I have acquired practical experience that will have a positive impact on my professional and academic success.

Apart from the medical field, I have demonstrated exemplary management skills in customer service where I received employee of the year reward during my tenure in The Sanctuary, Kiawah Island Golf Resort. In addition, I assisted the resort in event management and by extension served my guests with meals and cocktails at the Patio and Lobby Lounge. Later, I worked in the Mercato Italian Restaurant, Charleston, SC – Hostess. In this engagement, I managed the guest books, guest seating, private events, and made all the reservations. I received special items and orders for beverages and issued the payment to the vendors. During my tenure, I met marketing goals of the restaurant through teamwork and customer-oriented approaches.

In addition to the community services, I am also actively involved in extra curriculum activities and received various awards. For instance, my hobbies are mountaineering and skiing where I have actively participated during my undergraduate studies. I am also open to new experience in the extracurricular activities, and I am inspired by the school recreational facilities, especially sand volleyball court and basketball court. I am optimistic I will be actively involved in those sports because just like in my profession, those games require teamwork to achieve the ultimate goal because the concept is the same, the only difference is in execution.

I believe the institution will offer me one of the rare opportunities of being able to practice all the specialties of medicine, including cardiovascular, emergency medicine, geriatrics, psychiatry, and surgery. Through my studies, I anticipate specializing and becoming a board certified in my specialty area and passing the board certification exams. Finally, I also commit to abide by the Midwestern University Arizona College of Osteopathic medicine (AZCOM) policy of Drug-Free workplace and Substance Abuse. Finally, I am also aware that doctors in this field must keep updating their education because the field is dynamic and technology is evolving on a daily basis. Therefore, I intend to continue with publications and bring osteopathic manipulative medicine approaches closer to the less fortunate to close the gap generated by the socioeconomic inequalities through practice and as an educator.

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