A Reflection on My Christian Belief

A Reflection on My Christian Belief

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I believe that I am a staunch Christian due to my faith in God. I trust in the Trinity, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Equally, I am confident that God is the supreme being who creates and reigns over all living and non-living things in the universe. With this belief, I attend church services with like-minded people.

Why I am a Christian

I am a Christian since my Christian parents brought me up. From an early age, my parents took me to church and taught me to Christian doctrines. As a result, I became accustomed to Christianity. I learned all aspects that qualify one to become a Christian. Summarily, I am a Christian due to my upbringing.

I am a Christian since I believe that God is a supreme being. With my Christian background, I learned about God’s love, grace, and mercy. I learned that God gave me life and is in control of the universe. Therefore, I commenced believing in Him. I knew that He is a supreme being that watches over creation. Indeed, I am a Christian because I believe in God as a supreme being.

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I am a Christian due to my relationship with God. He has helped me overcome problems. For example, I prayed for healing when I was sick, and he answered my prayer since I recovered a few days later. From experience, I learned to trust God and built a relationship with Him. Concisely, I am a Christian because I have a relationship with God.

Why I have Established Autonomy from My Parents’ Faith

I firmly believe that I have established autonomy from my guardians’ faith. I grew up in a conservative household that believed that true Christianity is based on Mosaic law. My parents shun homosexuality as the Old Testament in the Bible depicts it as a sin. The belief is based on the narrative of Sodom and Gomorrah’s punishment due to homosexuality (Masson & Nkosi, 2017). On the other hand, I embrace homosexuality. I believe that love is the greatest commandment, and individuals should not be shunned because of their sexuality. Instead, they should be treated as ordinary people. With these differing beliefs, I know that I am independent of my parent’s faith.

Why My Belief Has Changed Since I Joined College

My belief has evolved since I joined college since I was exposed to different religions. Initially, I believed that Christianity was the ultimate religion. However, after being the first month in school, I made friends from various religious backgrounds. They helped me understand their religions’ teachings. As a result, I began to realize that we have almost similar beliefs. I understood that Christianity is not superior to other religions. Hence, my view changed since I joined college due to exposure to other religions.

My belief has advanced since I joined college due to the concepts taught in class. Before I enrolled in college, my Christianity knowledge was based on church sermons. I solely depended on the preachers’ interpretations. However, when I commenced my college studied, I began analyzing the Bible. I realized that my initial beliefs were based on subjective interpretation. For example, I learned that the Bible beseeches Christians to accept all sinners. Masson & Nkosi (2017) support my analogy with the stipulation that the Bible depicts love and acceptance surpasses all sin. Concisely, my belief changed because of the concepts taught in college.

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