Workplace Culture and Leadership

My identified style is democratic leadership. This leadership style allows team members to have some input during decision-making within an organization. While leaders exercising the democratic leadership style consult the workforce before making decisions, the transformational leadership style focuses on inspiring their junior staff and encouraging them to make decisions (Wolf, 2012). Therefore, leaders who engage in both democratic and transformational leadership not only motivate employees but also engage them in decision-making processes.

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Health care workers experience more work-related stress compared to other professionals. This is due to the high work demands, low labor force, more working hours, poorly designed working settings, and point-of-care safety threats, among other aspects (Boston-Fleischhauer, Herleth, & Langr, 2019). Healthcare organizations can contribute to a healthy working culture by creating a conducive atmosphere, which enhances the levels of staff engagement (Perlo et al., 2017). By engaging in democratic leadership, leaders create a collaborative working environment, which creates job satisfaction for the subordinate staff (Fischer, 2016). Although health care leaders have the final say in decision making, the lower-level employees have an input in the course of a decision.

Transformational leaders motivate their junior staff. They inspire low-level employees to be committed to the organization and develop skills and competencies, which increase their capacity to deliver (Steinmann, Klug, & Maier, 2018). Transformational leaders enhance the subordinate staff’s awareness of the importance of organizational mission and goals, encourage them to work towards meeting the goals, and acts as role models (Chestnut, 2017). When employees understand their input towards achieving the organization’s goals, they develop positive work attitudes, which increases the extent to which they agree with their leaders’ value system operations. Overall, the harmonious relationship between leaders and junior staff enhances congruency with the mission and values of the workplace setting.

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