What is the Best online Store to Buy a Smart Cane or a Hearing Device?


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For most of the requirements, the best place to shop would be Amazon.com. The online mall has all the devices at reduced prices and offers convenience like no other mall. Further, it offers the flexibility of payment options. The client is given several payment options, including online payment options and hard cash. Therefore, for most components of the smart cane proposed, the place to shop will be Amazon online and Amico.com mall due to the convenience and low prices its customers enjoy.

Hearing device

For a hearing device, the best item to purchase from Amazon.com would be the Clarity Amplified Telephone Ringer with Visual Indicator (SR200). The gadget “listens” to voice commands and responds accordingly. It also offers an SOS feature. It can be used to call or send a voice message. It is sold by Ameriphone at $33.04 on Amazon.com. The price is not exorbitant as compared to another product and, therefore, should be purchased.

Palm detector

Save Time On Research and Writing
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Since there is no item to purchase that detects palms, it would be best to use a fingerprint scanner. It will serve the same purpose. Only the owner of the smart cane will be able to use the cane given because only the owner can pass the fingerprint scanner verification. The price and location of this type of item is a fingerprint scanner made by Microsoft and retailed by Be a Reader at $29.05Prime the item is from Microsoft as indicated above. The retailer is well known for making high-quality products and can be trusted.


Lights that are to be used can be obtained from Amazon.com. The best item would be the Bzone 2 Sets of Micro 50 LED RGB Lights Battery Multicolor Operated on 16ft Long Silver Color Coated Ultra-Thin sold by BZONE at $12.28. The lights should be small to be fitted on the cane and should not be too bright. The light would be used to warn people that the person is blind.

A SIM Card

The best item for the SIM card slot to suit this need will be the CR701 High-Speed US2.0 SIM/T-flash Card Reader (White). The item is being sold at $14.38. The item will help read the SIM card, an application that will facilitate calling services like mobile phones.


For the GPS component, the best item would be the Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker retailed by Spy Tec. It is sold at $109.03. This product will be adequate for identifying the GPS location for the user of the smart cane. The device will be very helpful to them because of its utility. It should be small enough to be fitted on the cane.


For the cane, the best item in terms of quality and price would be the Carex Soft Grip Folding Cane. It is being retailed by Carex Health Brands at a cost of $14.00. This cane is well designed for comfort and durability. It would be best to equip it with the proposed technological advancements.


The best items to act as sensors would be proximity sensors. The best product in the market in this regard is the Proximity Sensor On-Off Switch for Single Color LED Strips, 12 or 24-Volt, 3342 by LED wholesalers sold at $10.00+ $5.12 shipping by Spy Tec.


As for the vibrator, the best device to equip the smart cane would be the DC 3V 1100RPM 0.2A High-Speed Mini Vibration Motor for DIY Toys. Amico retails this device at $4.00. The device will be best suited due to its small size. It can be fitted on the handle for the blind person to sense when they are not on the right track during their movement.


The horn will be used to give warning to other people that there is a blind person in their proximity. It should not be so large and loud. As such, the best device to serve this purpose should be the SAFETY-SPORT PERSONAL 911 AIR HORN retailed by SAFETY-SPORT at $8.99 + $1.09 shipping. This is a small horn that can be fitted at the end of the cane.


As for the camera, the best tool would be the Toto 9910600 640×480 Vga Hidden Web Camera retailed by Toto at $10.45. This camera is clear enough to guide the GPS software. It is also small enough. The camera is used to gather data from the surroundings so that the blind person can be warned on any obstacles ahead.

Wide-angle lens to track down the traffic density

From the lens required, the TECHO® Universal Professional HD Camera Lens Kit for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus / 5s / 5, Samsung Galaxy S6 / S5, Mobile is the best tool. It offers a wide view angle than other cameras. It will obtain more data for the GPS system than any other camera. TECHO retails it at $24.99.

Obstacle detection

For the obstacle detection software, the best tool would be the Laser Sensor Detector Module for Obstacle Detection Pipeline Counter Smart Robot Obstacle-avoiding Car @XYG retailed by XYG-Module at $14.99. The device is effective and will work perfectly on a cane.



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Amico.com,. (2015). Amico. Retrieved 15 October 2015, from http://www.amico.com

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