What Are the Next Big Issues in Health Policy?

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You have effectively engaged with the topic, regarding the relationship between the patient and provider as the basis for quality care delivery. Your hook is impressive and attracts the reader to your response. You have quoted an authority in the field to add strength to your introduction, which is informative. I agree with your findings that tens of thousands use online health communities every day (Fagotto & Fung, 2019). Technology has provided a new way through which patients are interacting with their care providers. They have created online forums to enable them to interact online about their health care needs. You have identified your idea of a new policy, one that requires all providers to use health communication technology to improve patient engagement. Technology has provided patients with an effective way of communicating with their health care providers.

You have identified one of the benefits of the use of health information technology, the achievement of self-care objectives (Powell & Myers, 2018). I agree that with the information available online and the ability to create communities, patients can achieve self-management of various medical conditions. They can also work with their providers, contacting them promptly whenever they are in need. You have suggested the necessary steps to implement, such as policy to use HIT in providing care, including stakeholder involvement. Besides, the government and health care systems should invest in the systems. Your response includes a discussion of the possible obstacles to the implementation of the policy, such as budgetary constraints. Regardless of such challenges, you justify the importance of the policy because it can be utilized for all patient populations. Your response to the question is excellent.

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