Teaching Plan

The Goal of the One-Hour Teaching Plan

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Nurses should develop competency in fundamental skills to apply them in practice when caring for patients. Thus, nurses should be trained in various areas of their work to become competent in care delivery. The primary goal of the one-hour teaching plan is to educate nurses on proper hand-washing technique and its significance in reducing the rate of hospital-acquired infections in various settings.

Objectives for the Teaching Plan

  1. To demonstrate competence in hand-washing using the simulation by the end of the lesson.
  2. To demonstrate the performance of interventions in a safe environment to prevent hospital-acquired infections.

Use of the Simulation Equipment as a Teaching Strategy

Simulations have become essential learning tools in clinical settings since they are competency-based. They involve management of instruction in simulated settings that mimic the actual environment (Motola, Devine, Chung, Sullivan, & Issenberg, 2013). The lesson plan will use World Health Organization guidelines on proper hand hygiene in instructing students using the simulation. The simulation will use an activity that will act as a symbol of the actual action when interacting with patients. The students will not only learn in theory but also have a chance to practice their competency in a simulated environment. Therefore, they will also learn in a way that they can easily transfer the knowledge in practical settings.

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Motivation and Engagement of Learners

By their very nature, simulations are engaging because they are student-centered and use a constructionist approach where learners are given a chance to create knowledge from their environment based on what they already know. Therefore, it will be easy to engage and motivate learners to acquire the required knowledge using this learning tool. The role of the instructor during the one-hour lesson will be limited since learners will use technology to gain understanding (Robinson & Dearmon, 2013). Unlike in a lecture setting where an instructor actively participates while students listen, the simulated environment gives learners a more active role in the learning process. The lesson will be a highly engaging and exciting experiment for the learners.

Addressing Resistant Learners

New technology is not always readily acceptable to learners and can bring considerable resistance. Therefore, the instructor should anticipate opposition from the beginning of the lesson and implement effective measures to address the problem. One of the effective ways of dealing with resistance is communicating in advance about the importance of both the lesson and technology (Huston, 2013). Learners will have minimal resistance when they understand the lesson and its significance to their work. Furthermore, the instructor should collaborate with learners in preparing and implementing the lesson while engaging them to prevent resistance. Students are less likely to oppose or resist an initiative if they are involved during implementation.

An Evaluation Strategy to Assess the Group’s Learning

It is critical for the trainer to evaluate whether the lesson has achieved the desired objectives. Evaluation will involve collecting information from the participants to assess their acquisition of new skills and level of understanding of the lesson’s content (O’Flaherty & Laws, 2014). As a practical lesson, an instructor will evaluate learners based on their capability to use the simulation to demonstrate their development of hand-washing skills and understanding of essential interventions to prevent hospital-acquired infections. The trainer will also ask questions relevant to the topic to test their level of competence. Hence, the results will reveal whether the lesson will have achieved the desired objectives.

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