Significance of Qualitative Study in Third-Hand Smoking

The qualitative study design is an approach employed to analyze different perspectives in social sciences. Fusch, Fusch, and Ness (2018) illustrate that researchers utilize the model to investigate issues related to social change, although it can be used for studies whose attributes have divergent correlations. Third-hand smoking is a social problem within the society; hence, utilizing qualitative study approaches will reveal the underlying social issues and generate ideas for social change to protect victims.

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According to Fusch et al. (2018), when applying a qualitative approach, the researcher cannot be isolated from the study. Thus, the investigators can add and share their bias in the research but strive to mitigate the impacts to generate correct interpretations (Fusch et al., 2018). Given that Third-hand smoking is a social challenge where the researcher could be a victim, the model is applicable since he or she can contribute to the research but again must guide the study by limiting the bias.

Triangulation improves the reliability of research results in qualitative study design. Fusch et al. (2018) demonstrate that analyzing multiple data sets from similar variables provide a reliable spectrum and insight into the subjects of discussion. The authors’ argument supports analysis of various viewpoints from studies on third-hand smoking as a model of comparing findings to arrive at a progressive position through a qualitative design. Since qualitative design allows triangulation to examine data, theory, investigator, and methodical approaches, it broadens the scope for capturing information for a study (Fusch et al., 2018). Applying the method for research on third-hand smoking is ideal because it does not limit the researcher during the investigations. Therefore, qualitative study design is ideal for investigating the impacts of third-hand smoking from both medical and social perspectives.

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