Resume and Professional Development

Achieving career objectives is not an easy undertaking. In fact, it is a process that requires a systematic approach. In essence, a young graduate intending to enter into a given profession should undertake the necessary steps to achieve the lifetime desires. Upon accumulating the required skills through training, education, and practical experience, it is imperative to make use of necessary tools to enter the job and career market (Martin et al., 2014).   A resume and a professional/personal growth plan are the two immensely important instruments in the professional development. Therefore, the discussion will provide a presentation of the two plans in the attempt to enhance my chances in curriculum development career.

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Name: Richard W. Owens

Address: 784 Golden Sedum Dr., Henderson, NV 89011 | (702) 756-7414 |

Professional Summary

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Accumulated extreme knowledge with electronic tools and programs, possess and use knowledge of Army regulations and able to articulate regulations in a way that everybody can understand. Have the ability to manage a team to accomplish the missions and tasks in recruiting. Accurately figure out the market share of each military branch in a specific zip code using our electronic programs. Aware of the importance and undertake to mentor and coach my team on many different Army programs to enhance performance.

Career objective

My career objective is to gain experience and relevant practical skills in curriculum development

Qualification Highlights

Qualifications concern the ability in various aspects making it possible to undertake duties and responsibility in a career. The following are the highlighted prerequisite areas.

  • Ability to work with plans based on the mission and vision
  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • MA in Education
  • Interactive and teamwork oriented
  • Highly committed and motivated to achieve results
  • Ability to articulate the issues


Course Instructor for Leadership Classes in Military service, and the use and application of computer-based Army programs


  • Bachelors of Science in Business Administration-2013
  • Masters of Art in Education with Concentration of Leadership and Administration-2016
  • Completed Supervisor Development course-2014
  • Management Development Course-2015

Personal and Professional Development Plan

An individual should undergo a step by step development to achieve career objectives. However, for effective realization of the expectations, one must come up with a plan in which the enabling strategies can be identified and a definition of the systematic approach to be undertaken (Alsop & Alsop, 2013). Besides, the plan assists in the determination of the current state of qualification in term of strengths and the existing gaps (weaknesses), and the efforts required to rectify and enhance one’s opportunities.

Three strengths increase my chances of succeeding in a curriculum development career. First, knowledge acquired through the education background, particularly the master’s in education leadership is immensely applicable. At the master’s level, wider concept coverage through research and coursework gives the opportunity for practical engagement in the workplace. Secondly, curriculum development involves various stakeholders whose input should be put into consideration. In fact, bringing together the parties is engaging and would require relevant skills, particularly interpersonal and communication capabilities (Martin et al., 2014). As noted, my possession of the expertise in this area is evidently a substantial performance enhancement in the career. Lastly, successful undertaking in career development requires commitment and motivation due to challenges and the length of time it can take to achieving tangible results.

On the other hand, two weaknesses are worth to consider when it comes to my career capability. The first challenge is the lack of specific practical experience in the target job. Despite having accumulated knowledge to the master degree’s level, without the prior experience, the potential employers are likely to have less confidence (Shewbridge & OECD, 2014). The second weakness is the inflexibility; hence, pushing to achieve results even when things may not be working. In this regard, it becomes challenging to recognize the fact that sometimes change is inevitable as the operating environment is considerably dynamic. Therefore, it implies that changing tactic to achieve better results may not be adopted; hence, reducing the chances of performing well.

The analysis of the strengths and weaknesses is a major step as it paves the way for the identification of possible steps to improve the competitiveness in the selected career (Shewbridge & OECD, 2014). Notably, four options are preferred in this endeavor. The first step is to seek the assistance from the experienced individuals in the profession. In this case, I would identify a person who can willingly offer guidance on various matters. Such an individual should be resourceful and accessible in person or through the digital platforms for consultation purposes.  The mentorship is expected to last for the next one year upon which I should be able to make critical decisions without necessarily calling for guidance. However, the individual/mentor will continuously be engaged when necessary.

Apart from receiving guidance from the mentor, collaborating with colleagues and learning from them is the other step I intend to undertake (Scales, 2011). Indeed, peers can also be resourceful in that the knowledge and little experience they possess can be combined to the extent of assisting one another to make significant strides. Therefore, it would be important to form forums upon which individuals at the same level would come together and discuss issues affecting our careers and how the challenges can be faced. In essence, the approach in this respect would be lifetime as long as the connection with the colleagues would be sustained.

The next course of action is to enhance knowledge acquired through attending refresher courses, seminars, and extensive reading. It is worth noting that learning institutions offer short courses from time to time to assist individuals in various practices to update their skills according to the changing operating environment (Shewbridge & OECD, 2014). Given the opportunity, I would be willing to attend to such sessions at least once per year. Additionally, attending to necessary seminars and conferences would be significant because an individual can learn from other players and experts in the industry. Lastly, learning is a continuous process, despite the fact that I have achieved valuable education; I would be very keen to continue reading and to engage the relevant materials in my studies. Consequently, I would acquire the wider perspective about the profession. Therefore, the strategy in this regard would be a lifetime undertaking because of the realization that learning is a nonstop process and that the educational materials are readily available in both the traditional library and on the digital platforms.

As it is evident from the above discussion, career development plan is a fundamental undertaking for a person interested or already entering a certain profession. In fact, my desire and objective to excel in the curriculum development as a profession are becoming a reality because of the steps that I have undertaken, especially the acquisition of the master’s degree. In addition, the ability to write a convincing resume and implementation of a professional development plan are ultimate tools that will boost competitiveness in my career.

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