Personal Strategic Plan

Imagine a situation where you complete your education, get a good paying job, but you lack contentment and satisfaction in your life. Not long ago, a friend confided that she was not thrilled with her life, especially with her profession. Surprisingly, she had graduated from one of the prestigious universities and had acquired a well-paying job. Nevertheless, she confessed that she had wanted to become a physician, not a business administrator.

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Therefore, developing a personal strategic plan can give an individual the highest reward in life for all the efforts. Indeed, it is the starting point for exploring the heights of individual potential. In order to get the best out of myself, I have developed my own vision, mission, and values in life. I have also taken a SWOT analysis test to gain insight of my strengths, weaknesses, and threats, as well as opportunities presented by the environments I live in.


My personal vision is to influence and enhance positive attitudes to people in my society, especially the girl child. I wish to be a person who can bring hope to the hopeless, inspire, and motivate people to develop and explore the heights of their potential for them to live a quality-fulfilled life. To do this, I need to have a career, and finance is what will ensure that my vision will be unveiled


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My mission is to enhance stature, self-worth and contribute towards all-important stakeholder in my life. My purpose in life is to make a contribution towards the Eastern Province’s economy through erecting striking, attractive, and energy efficient commercial buildings. I also look forward to becoming a responsible member of my society, a caring mother to my children and a devoted wife to my husband. I will use my resources and capabilities to achieve my mission.


There are five most important values that I uphold and wish to pass them to the society and to my children. Honesty is one of the values that I believe in. In fact, without honesty, there is no trust. I believe in being a caring individual not only to those close to me but also to the entire society because the Quran teaches empathy. I believe in commitment because it shows tenacity, bravery, and above all, loyalty. Courtesy is another value I uphold because it also promotes trust. I also believe in the integrity because it defines our character.

My SWOT Analysis


In my pursuit to attain success in my profession, I have found that there are many opportunities available. One of the most important is education. In fact, it gives a choice of either doing well and hence takes advantage of the opportunity, or performing poorly and missing out the chance. My social environments also present me with a wide range of opportunities. In my home environments back in Saudi Arabia, the government has developed initiatives to fund female entrepreneurs. I look forward to seizing this golden opportunity as soon as am through with my college.


The major threats that stand in the way of accomplishing my career goal are that there is competition and men are mostly preferred in finance as compared to women.


My personal strength generally revolves around my ability to be creative and innovative as well as being an open-minded person, which are factors that allow me to advance ahead of my rival; hence, I have an upper hand in my finance field.


I lack adequate social skills, and I am usually over-committed. Despite the fact that over-commitment does not appear as an obvious weakness, it creates interruption, especially when a mistake occurs. Instead of stopping and taking the correct path, I find myself continuing until I run into a dead end.

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