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As we neared the emergency room, there was no doubt about the severity of my brother’s medical condition. Two weeks earlier, he had visited a primary care office in one of the local community health centers with complaints of abnormal fatigue and nausea. After conducting a few physical examinations, the physician assistant had discharged him with remarks that he was suffering from bronchitis and wrote orders for medications. The condition persisted despite adhering to the care provider’s prescription until recently when it worsened. He fell unconscious during one of the school training sessions and was rushed to the nearest hospital.

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After a few hours in the emergency room, the physician finally approached me to deliver the news. To my surprise, the patient had been diagnosed with a heart attack, which had lasted for over one month. According to the doctor’s prognosis, the condition would have been fatal had treatment been delayed further. However, with the proper care that he received at the facility, my brother recovered fully and was eventually discharged. This event made me appreciate the undying effort of physicians and nurses to deliver quality services to their patients. Most importantly, the occurrences helped me realize the criticality of having competent physician assistants in various medical specialties.

Experience in my current workplace has proven that being a physician assistant (PA) is the right career path for me. Part of my duties at the institution include performing physical examinations on patients and following up on their care after treatment. Besides, I have had the opportunity to improve my knowledge in the cardiovascular system and learned when and how various medical equipment, such as electrocardiogram, should be used. There is no doubt that my current practice has enabled me to positively embrace the desire of being a lifelong learner by developing new and effective ways of diagnosing and treating patients. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than realizing the huge difference that my knowledge and skills make in the patients’ lives.

The thought of having a wide scope of practice also intrigues me to become a physician assistant. I have always desired to work in a diverse environment, especially one that would provide an opportunity for me to optimize my strengths. While becoming a nurse practitioner (NA) would offer such a chance, I know the scope of the practice is limited because an individual must choose a specialty. After learning about the unlimited options that PAs have, I knew that this was what I was looking for. Not only will I be able to utilize my problem-solving skills in the cardiovascular unit, but also in other specialties in which I have outstanding education and experience.

The unique nature of the profession also conforms to my personal beliefs of what a working condition should look like. In my view, autonomy and teamwork should be some of the critical values that govern a healthcare facility. For the few years that I have worked in the primary care unit, I have had the priority of attending to patients in the absence of a physician. The practice has helped me boost my confidence while working independently. In addition, I have had the privilege of collaborating with physicians from different units to provide care to our patients. These two aspects have been the metrics for selecting my career profession. Fortunately, PA meets the two criteria, which makes it the perfect job for me. Nothing surpasses the joy of realizing that I have the opportunity to venture into an occupation that matches my personal values and beliefs.

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In addition to my education and work experience, my skills also show that PA is the profession that I most desire. I have always received positive feedback from my patients each time they rate my services. Among the terms used by patients to evaluate my services include “the care provider is compassionate,” “possesses strong interpersonal” and “analytical skills.” Such remarks have been enhanced my desire to become a physician assistant. I believe that these are the key personality traits that an individual should possess to venture in practice, including the ability to deal with all medical situations, while considering the need to treat the patient compassionately.

While my brother’s medical condition was a devastating encounter for our family, it has been a fundamental pillar for my career path. Watching his situation deteriorate to the verge of losing his life made me realize the need to make a difference in the healthcare sector. Notably, it triggered the urge to create a life-changing experience for all patients, which I can only achieve by being a physician assistant. With such as career, I believe that I can easily impact the lives of many patients in various units, by utilizing my personal traits, including detail orientation to ensure that accurate diagnosis and treatment are offered appropriately. Overall, I chose the PA because it will enable me to utilize my competence and bring a difference in the healthcare sector.

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