Pediatric Dentistry

Since my secondary school education, I discovered my interest in studying dentistry. However, since I was young, I was committed to work with people who are suffering in order to relieve their pain. I always wanted to see people, especially children, smiling. Hence, there is no other place I would make my interests into reality than in pediatric dentistry. To advance my interest and get a career in the field, I have studied at King Abdulaziz University (KAU), Faculty of Dentistry in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2011. With the support of able professors, mentors, and colleagues, I graduated with a Bachelor degree of Dental medicine and Surgery, second honors degree.

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Dental school was the main opportunity for me being a competent dentist. Besides learning theoretical underpinnings in dentistry, I got a chance to practice during my internship where I got to enhance my knowledge and expertise. During this time, I would work in pediatric clinics to gain the feeling of what it takes to work with children suffering from dental problems. I would marvel at the results of the full mouth restoration and other operations that restored the smile and confidence of the children.  I also worked at John Hopkins Aramco Health care as a General Dentist where I developed my skills further. I have come to appreciate the role played by technology in dentistry, especially during the time I worked at the University of Michigan in 2013 in the Computerized Dentistry program.

I have identified the important role played by evidence-based practice and awareness creation in relation to dental health field. I believe in not only treating those who come to the clinic for treatment, but also on creating awareness and informing the people on the importance of regular dental checkups. I believe in making the children aware of their dental health so that they can grow up with the knowledge and adopt methods of taking care of their health. Hence, I am working to treat my patients and at the same time educate them on the importance of maintaining their dental health. In fact, there is no other field that will allow me to achieve the objective than pursuing the career in Pediatric Dentistry. Hence, any institution that guarantees development of skills and competence is what I am seeking. I desire to develop my skills in a community of mentors and members of a team who are pursuing the same objectives like I do.

In the course of my training, I have developed communication and collaborative skills which will allow me to tap into the resources available within the learning community. I am prepared to learn and develop my skills further, which means that I am ready to be trained by the capable professors from the United States and Canada. I am also willing to achieve more skills and develop whatever I have already studied both in the Universities as well as in my internship. Towards this end, I am equipped to train within an environment with adequate learning resources. I am seeking an environment that will provide me with the exceptional opportunity to develop my research skills. The opportunity at the institution will allow me to have a rare opportunity to become a competent pediatric dentist and practice back at home and any other part of the world where I get the chance to practice what I will have learned. I seek to be a valuable resource to my community and beyond in the field of pediatric dentistry.

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