Organization Development in Nursing-Long Term Care

Various aspects drive organizational development in nursing long-term care. Those factors include the complexity of medical conditions affecting elderly Americans, the high cost of prescription drugs, health care reforms, technology, competition between health care providers, and the nature of aging consumers (Salmond & Echevarria, 2017). The forces affect organizations differently depending on management.

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Successful organizations manage change as a process that begins with the identification of the problem (such as a gap in care that the change addresses). They design the solution but work with all members of the organization affected by such change to prevent resistance. The process involves effective communication in change management to ensure that the needs of all members of the organization are represented (Al-Haddad & Kotnour, 2015). Hence, the change is implemented while involving all stakeholders.

I have experienced technology as one of the forces of change in healthcare organizations. The administration implemented a new information system to manage patients’ records. Therefore, nurses and other health care providers working in the organization had to implement the change through training to learn how to use the new system. The information system affected how we provided care to patients, such as reducing medical errors.

The change to implement the health information system affected the organization and all stakeholders, including patients, care providers, and leaders. Besides, it enhanced patients’ outcome by providing efficient and quality care because of the reduction of adverse consequences such as medical errors. In essence, it improved work for nurses and managers due to the effective management of patient education.

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