The Evolving Role of the Futurist within the Organization

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The evolving role of the futurist is to improve the operations as the technology advances. Some technological features seen in fictional movies turn lead to technology advancements in real life. The technology advancements are as a result of human evolvement. Technology has changed the way we look at things, therefore, improving our future. Nowadays, technology can make a 3-D image and make it seem as a real person. Subsequently, the future economy may be digital where a person can use the bitcoin concept and use it to trade online. A futurist believes that as man evolves, he will move from the internet to “brain net” therefore making it possible for them to convey information from any part of the world (Marckx, 2015).

History of Futurists within the Organization

History proves that for an organization that fully embraces futuring must develop an integrated framework that plans the roles and methods that must be involved in order to improve the existing procedures. In order to use an organizational futurist, there must be the adoption of social constructionist who will guide the innovation procedure. The history of futurist articulates that while developing the basis there should be foresight field of professionalism that will assist the organization in its new role (Hines, A. 2015). Therefore, those in the organization are able to discuss the success of the organization thereby improving its performance.

Importance of Futurist Today

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            The role of the futurist is more important today than 20 years ago. As discussed earlier, we are in a digital age. People nowadays use online money transfers to buy goods and services online. TD Advancement of smartphones has enabled people to look up for anything that they require on the internet, buy goods and services, as well as make payments online. An organization can utilize the futurist today by focusing on the positive aspects that are brought by to the organization.

How Organizations might use a Futurist Today

An organization might exploit a futurist to assist the recognize opportunities that might have been missed. Futurist can play a part in assisting them to reduce the risk of making the wrong assumptions that an organization makes about the current procedures. In addition, , a futurist can assist an organization to foresee where they would like to be in future, this can be achieved through innovations and improvements (Ryan, 2013).

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