Logistics and Service Automation

Digital business automation is among the most important innovations in logistics. Technology shifts towards smart manufacturing, which will likely transform product delivery systems. Although the manufacturing sector has not fully harnessed the concept of industry 4.0, future logistics might integrate disruptive innovation in its operations (Dash et al. 1798). The growth of virtual platforms, such as e-commerce and mobile payment systems, is part of logistics. Currently, consumers’ interests and trends are geared towards home deliveries, which are bound to shape future logistics, while organizations focus on cost reduction, efficiency, flexibility, stability, and sustainability in response to market demands. Variations in the global payment systems and anticipated shorter delivery timelines necessitate progressive logistical approaches, hence the need for automated logistics supported by disruptive technology.

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Disruptive technology is expected to reduce delays and sorting challenges experienced in warehousing operations. Singh projects that autonomous fleet in deliveries will enhance efficiency in the future. For instance, the application of automated robots is anticipated to facilitate the delivery of orders (Singh). Additionally, the utilization of the Internet of Things (IoT) will revolutionize logistics, leading to greater efficiency and low fuel consumption (Dash et al. 1798; Singh par. 3). Disruptive technologies, such as smart warehouse automation, robotics, drones, and data analytics, are expected to respond to future trends in supply chain and consumer delivery expectations. 

Amazon seeks to take advantage of predictive analytics to deliver its products without the limitation of distance and time. According to Singh, the search optimization engine will help the company predict shopping trends. For instance, Amazon builds its capacity to ascertain the number of virtual searches conducted on products such as iPhones at a given timeline. Through predictive analytics, the company can influence purchasing decisions and deliver products in real-time (Singh). Anticipatory shipping is also set to develop new delivery paradigms by reducing inventory and warehousing costs. Anticipatory shipping and predictive analytics will allow the company to deliver products to the customer’s nearest location before the purchase (Singh). Disruptive models in logistics will enhance innovation, which could lead to the virtual optimization of all logistical needs and end traditional freight management systems.

Supply chain directors and managers at the highest position in supply chain management teams are responsible for overseeing inventories and logistics. They guarantee efficiency and productivity within the delivery systems and manage the relationship between vendors and distributors for customers’ satisfaction. As a consultant, I would make recommend shifting logistics management roles toward research and innovation while integrating information technology into logistics. The human resources policy should also cover perspectives of engineering and disruptive technology in logistics management to include emerging expectations in the sector.

The Institute of Supply Chain Management (ISM) is a global non-profit organization headquartered in Arizona, United States. Its mission statement is, “We advance the practice of supply management to drive value and competitive advantage and contribute to a prosperous, sustainable world” (Institute of Supply Chain Management). A management team of various professional backgrounds led by Chief Executive Officer Mr. Thomas Derry coordinates the activities of ISM. It is a membership-based organization, with its affiliates structured in three cadres of individual membership, corporates, student, and academic subscribers (Institute of Supply Chain Management). The organization is committed to improving supply chain management practices and integrating automation and digital innovations for efficiency and cost saving.

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ISM offers various internationally recognized certifications in the industry. The accreditations include Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) and Certified Professional in Supply Diversity (CPSD) (Institute of Supply Chain Management). It delivers its models through flexible schedules of guided and self-paced learning using an e-learning platform. Professionals with ISM certification have proof of competency in supply chain management and can build innovation and create a niche for supply chain programs. They also gain a competitive advantage over their peers in the job market.


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