iPad Market Analysis


An iPad is a touchscreen tablet produced by Apple. It is a portable computer made with no keyboard attached; however, the customer can purchase an iPad with a detachable keyboard. The phone operates on an IOS operating system. Therefore, the discussion will describe several aspects concerning the product and the market.

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Size. IPad is one of the recently launched products by Apple. It has gained a large size of market share while competing with other products such as the Google tablets. In recent years, it has gained market all over the world. However, its largest market share is in the United States, Japan, South America, Australia, and Europe.

Geographically. IPad has segmented the market into subsets and uses them as its marketing strategy. It is available in most parts of the world but is dominant in various segments such as the United States, Australia, Europe, and South America. Recently, Apple made a decision to implement an upward growth for its products, including Apple, where they began by expanding their retail stores to reach a wider market.

Demographic. Looking into the iPad, its demographic market segment is doing well based on the efforts to manufacture products that factor in the customers’ age or occupation. They are working hard to improve the iPad to meet the customers’ requirements, thereby making it a preferred device for most people.

Behavioral. In this marketing subnet, iPad makes its product known by advertising on T.V., social media, and on the search engines. IPad uses its brand image to reach its potential customers. Each day they come up with new ideas and designs of the iPad to attract customers. Apple gets a very good response rate; hence, the customers are eager to see the new iPad designs they successfully deliver.

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Lifestyle. IPad has succeeded since they are developing products based on the potential and current customers’ lifestyle requirements. For example, Apple designs iPads for people based on what they do. As such, there are iPads for young people who wish to use them for games and communication, adults, and for the business people.

Market Trends

The market for iPads is not what it used to be since its growing daily due to the demand of the product based on the adoption of ever-evolving creativity that goes through in the designing of the iPad. Apple producers ensure that they accommodate every demographic group to increase their sales. The market always demands new features and designs in new iPad version.

iPad Competitors

The product has its competitors in the technology world, including the tablets that operate on Android, which has quite a share of the market. Secondly, the Microsoft launched its tablet that operates on Windows OS. The main challenge of these competitors is that they offer their products at a lower price than iPad. However, Apple products have been known to be of high quality compared to other products in the market.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing is imperative in selling any product to potential consumers. Through marketing, potential customers get to know about the product. However, a firm can market its products in several ways. Firstly, invest in the right user experience, learn what the consumers want, and ensure the consumers’ suggestions are incorporated in the product. Secondly, whenever Apple products are being developed, there is always the aspect of the long-term use. Since the product is built to last for long, it should be last lasting until the customer needs to replace it. Thirdly, make sure the product is readily available on the market. As such, it will ensure that the customers can purchase the product at any given time.


The iPad has potential buyers worldwide and is available to anyone who wishes to purchase it. The young people can purchase the product to play games, some will purchase it for communication, while the business people will buy it for doing business. Those who want to purchase the iPad will be required to part with $379. On the other hand, the cost of production will be around $300.

Difference Between iPad and its Competitor

The main competitor of iPad is the Google Android tablet. However, there are some distinct differences between the two gadgets. Firstly, iPad operates on the iOS operating system while tablets operate using the Google Android OS. Secondly, Android tablets support multitasking, unlike iPad, which can run one application at a time, making it faster. Thirdly, iPad has a huge variety of applications which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, available only on the Apple platform, unlike android apps which are less and available on the Google Apps Store. Lastly, Apple manufactures iPad only while multiple companies produce the Google Android tablets.

Benefits of Using an iPad

IPad has various benefits over its competitors. Firstly, iPad operates on an iOS operating system that is stable, powerful, and easy to use, giving the user a great experience. Secondly, iPad has a very high number of useful downloadable apps, which are tested before being released to the Apple App Store to ensure the safety for the user. While using iPad, it is easier to post updates on social media due to its integration with Facebook and Twitter.

Pricing Strategy

IPad is a product of Apple, a technology company that has established itself and earned a good reputation in the market. Therefore, iPad will use this channel to determine the price it will charge for its device. Since their products are usually highly priced, iPad should use price skimming to ensure that consumers get the best value. The brand reputation and customer reviews should influence the prices since they play a major role in the purchasing decision.

IPad has quality features that have earned it a good reputation in the technology market, which customers appreciate based on their usability, secure applications, and a wide range of applications available in the Apple app store.

IPad prices are higher than their competitors. The relatively high prices of the iPad are directly related to the product’s quality and the production cost. The company is also focused on making profits that contribute to the product pricing.

Sales Location

IPad will use the geographical segments with an established market for other Apple products. Some of these market locations are the United States, Europe, and Japan. Taking advantage of these market locations, iPad is likely to make huge sales. In addition, the company will also seek to enter other new potential markets in a bid to expand its number of users.

IPad Distribution Methods

IPad has a strong global distribution network since it is available in Apple stores all over the world. In addition, there are also the carrier partners and a network of resellers through the third party outlets, such as Walmart, who distribute iPad. Through all these channels of distribution, the iPad is available in almost every part of the world.


As evident from the above product and market analysis, iPad has a huge market globally compared to its competitors. The company has successfully been able to penetrate the market through segmentation. Additionally, iPad is doing well in the market due to its value and quality features. One of the biggest competitors of iPad is the Android tablet, which is a product of Google though it has not been able to beat iPad. Besides selling at a higher price, most people still prefer the iPad due to its quality features and availability of useful and secure mobile applications. To achieve this, iPad has used various marketing and distribution strategies, which makes it available to its customers and potential clients.

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