How to Write a Bad News Letter

Bad News Letter

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Jeanette Student

1279 W. Main Street           


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Dear Jeanette

Thank you for showing interest in the Nittany Consulting Group Company. We really appreciate the opportunity you gave us to consider you for the position of entry-level technical writing and for the time you have invested in the processes of applying for the position. It was a pleasure to learn more about your skills as well as accomplishments that you have made in life.

Choosing the number of candidates to attend the interview was extremely competitive because our company had received hundreds of application letters for this position. The fact that you were chosen alongside another applicant shows that you were competent. Nevertheless, we regret to inform you that although you had a very competitive cover letter and resume, our hiring team did not select it for further consideration. After reviewing your educational attainment, experiences, and background, they have decided to proceed with another applicant who meets the position’s requirements more closely. The Nittany Consulting Company did not hire you because you were not as qualified as the other person was. The position of an entry-level technical writing required proficiency in computer programs, where we felt that the other candidate was slightly qualified than you. In addition, you did not score as well as your competitor on the editing test. Despite being a strong candidate, these two major drawbacks made us make the tough decision.

However, we will retain your resume on our records and get in touch with you about upcoming opportunities that may best fit your experience and skills.

The Nittany Consulting Company wishes you the best in your job search. We also hope to have an opportunity to consider you for another position in the future.


Jimmy David                                                                                    

The Nittany Consulting Group Company


Adjustment Letter

Dean of Students

Nittany College

Los Angeles, CA 88989.


Dear Students:

We regret to notify you that Nittany College will close the Auctioning and Sales Science degree program. As a result, the institution will no longer be offering this program because it has relatively few students. Nittany College is committed to giving quality education to our students. Therefore, the main aim of making this strategic cut is to enable us to maintain and improve the quality of other programs that are more desired to the students. In that aspect, the program will be closed to all new students and freshmen and sophomores.

However, Nittany College is committed to enabling those who have already enrolled in Auctioning and Sales Science program an opportunity to complete the program and graduate. The program’s teach-out duration will be 3 years, which will end in the seventh semester. In fact, this will enable you to finish all the program requirements and hence obtain a degree after the teach-out period. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every one of you to ensure that you sufficiently complete the required units for each semester to finish the requirements within the allotted timeframe.

Kindly work closely with your program faculty and your advisor to ascertain that you understand all the program necessities and the accessibility of the required units and courses. The administration will provide you with an academic plan that, if well followed, will enable you to finish the bachelor degree program within the specified timeframe.

If you have any questions, please visit me in my office from 10:00AM to 1:00PM.


Jean Claude

The Dean of Students                                                                                                                                                 

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