How Should Customer Service Representatives Handle Customers with Disability?

Customer service representatives (CSR) serve clients, who often exhibit unique views. These perceptions may be shaped by their culture, values, and physical capability. For instance, clients from western and African countries may have different interpretations of non-verbal behavior among service representatives. Similarly, a physically challenged person may perceive a courteous response to be condescending. Considering that firms operate in a global market, CSR should recognize such diversities and respond accordingly to prevent occurrences of customer dissatisfaction.

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The current case study involves a disabled customer. The client argues that a sales representative from Juniper Computer Works patronized him. In his opinion, this was portrayed in the representative’s verbal and non-verbal behavior. First, it was alleged that the employee responded to the client in a childlike voice, which made him feel humiliated. The worker’s nonverbal behavior, leaning while serving the disabled customer, was also a source of conflict. As a result, the client felt compelled to file a complaint with the company’s president.

In my opinion, the customer has a legitimate complaint. After analyzing the case, it appears that the sales representative failed to respect the dignity of a disabled client, regardless of whether it was unintentional or not. In The World of Customer Service, Gibson forbids CSR to lean when serving mobility-impaired persons. Hence, Joanne’s actions failed to portray critical consideration of the customer’s needs. The client’s unique needs allow him to file a complaint with the company and to receive feedback from Marcellus.

The management of the company should adopt a sound customer relations policy. The first step should involve contacting the buyer to inform him that his complaint was received. The move would be an essential practice in conveying the firm’s willingness to handle customers’ complaints. In the letter, the company’s president should also apologize for his employee’s behavior. Gibson considered apologies as a means of diffusing any form of anger that clients may have towards sales representative. Hence, the approach may also foster better customer relationships and prevent extreme measures by the client to damage the firm’s reputation.

To prevent similar complaints in future, Marcellus should invest in extensive CSR training. The company’s employees should be educated on ways of dealing with customers based on their cultural and physical diversity. Essential tips that can be offered in such training may include soliciting people with disabilities on ways in which they wish to be served and the need to adjust behavior depending on the type of customers being attended. The president should also consider reviewing and amending the customer relations policy. Comprehensive information should be provided on ways in which different categories of customers, vocal and silent, should be handled.

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The selected case scenario reflects similar occurrences in our contemporary world. I witnessed a misunderstanding between a salesperson and a client where a customer complained of attendant’s inattention. In his view, the employee failed to maintain eye contact while serving him, an aspect that indicated a lack of keenness to the customer’s inquiry. Overwhelmed by this encounter, the customer refused to purchase the item.

As is evident from the analysis, cultural and physical diversities enhance the perception of behaviors among customer service representatives. Customers have varying perspectives, which may influence their opinion about service delivery. Therefore, CSR should develop strategic ways of dealing with different clients. Their behavior should reflect critical consideration of their customers’ needs. Besides, firms should ensure that their policies are comprehensive to be applied as guidelines by their workers.

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