Healthcare Information Technology Trends

The modern healthcare is characterized by an intertwined network of electronic medical record (EMR) systems. The information systems have enhanced the collection and use of health informatics and data to improve clinical and patients’ outcomes, including quality and safety of care (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2017). Although the current health information technologies are achieving their objectives, evidence shows potential for advanced systems in the future, such as Integrating Wearable Devices into Patient Care.

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The health care organization has implemented various types of health care technologies. The most crucial innovation includes a system that collects, manages, and stores patient information for disease monitoring and control (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2017). The system improves population health by providing access to various types of data, such as medical history, procedures, treatments, and management.

Various potential challenges or risks are inherent in the technologies used in the healthcare system. Some of them include information security because malicious users can use systematic vulnerabilities to access confidential information, which prevents patients from providing adequate information (Yue et al., 2016). Such challenges should be addressed by improving technology.

Many benefits and risks are associated with data safety, legislation, and patient care. The main advantage is access to timely information to support patient care in a safe environment, such as the prevention of medical errors (McCullough, Parente, & Town, 2016). A potential risk entails information security violation, which can lead to access to private and confidential information (Yue et al., 2016). Hence, safety of data should be enhanced to safeguard patients’ medical records.

The most promising healthcare technology is the introduction of wearable devices in patient care. Patients will use wearables with critical information, such as patient name, medical history, medical condition, and the treatment or management schedule. The wearables, such as Apple Watches, Fitbits, and Garmins will continue to improve patient care outcomes and efficiencies due to the availability of essential data that will be used by patients and care providers (Wilson, 2017). The technology will positively transform healthcare and improve patients’ experience.

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Overall, health care technology continues to change and improve. However, its efficiency will depend on effective integration into the current healthcare model. The health care organization should research on the ways to adopt emerging technologies, such as wearable devices, and safeguard patients’ confidential information.

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