Over the past few decades, gambling has received considerable social acceptance throughout the globe. To some people, gambling is a simple type of entertainment, to others, it is a source of income. In fact, gambling for many has become a form of an uncontrollable behavior. The regulation and legitimization of gambling activities such as the casino has made the industry to be big and extremely beneficial. Indeed, gambling has been associated with various economic and political bodies of distinct states and has been endorsed as a legitimate activity. Therefore, it is being practiced by a big proportion of the population irrespective of gender, race, religion and other aspects of life.

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If it has not been scheduled as a drug, then gambling can be a drug-related activity. In reconciling the two aspects based on the premise that individuals can lose control of their aptitude to gamble responsibly, it is imperative to look at the pros and cons of this activity. On the one hand, gambling is a good medicine for the soul. Responsible gamblers play the game not only for winning purposes but based on the design of the gambling activity, whether online or inside a casino, has the tendency to make one feel comfortable and most importantly, give oneself the urge to be contented.

Gambling also makes the brain of the gambler to release endorphin and adrenaline hormones, which help stimulate excitement and the need to come for more. In addition, the sounds from the various sites make individuals’ brains excited.  A recreational or social gambler is a person who engages in gambling for fun. In this case, their gambling activity does not lead to any detrimental effect with regard to time, money spent, and issues with their relationships.

On the other hand, gambling can be a highly addictive and irresponsible activity. Apart from the pros that can make people addicted to the activity, the touted advantages, especially those associated with winning and the fact that politicians, as well as the gaming industry, endorse its engagement and legitimization is another factor that reconciles gambling addictions. According to various legislatures, gambling is a source of revenue, creates employment opportunities, especially for the youth, and entertains the members of the general public (Derevensky et al. 57). Nevertheless, these findings have been arrived at without putting into considerations the impact it can cause to the populace.

The psychology of gambling activity is another factor that reconciles the fact that gambling can be addictive. Most gaming businesses such as the casinos offer these services for profit. Therefore, the activity offers one an opportunity to win the coveted prizes of huge sums of money. The prospect of winning and the instantaneous happiness that comes with luck as well as the beautiful concept that is displayed upon a win not only puts a smile on the faces of many gamblers, but it also motivates them to continue gambling even when their possessions are at stake.

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There is a misconception that gambling is a low-risk, high-yield activity. In essence, gambling is a high-risk and low gain situation, and those who have become bankrupt or have had enormous debts due to gambling can bear me witness. Indeed, the excitement that stems from the prospect of hitting jackpot is so alluring despite the fifty-fifty probability. On the other hand, the fact that the legislative departments have legitimized the game, citing government revenue, a source of employment, and a source of entertainment as the basis of this legalization, has only augmented the risk of gambling addiction behaviors.

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