Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is one of the most fundamental rights entrenched in the Constitution. It protects and allows everyone to think and express him/herself freely without fear of reprisal. It reinforces all other rights in the constitution (Barendt 94)Bottom of Form. However, in places where the freedom is not guaranteed, the citizens are usually afraid of speaking against their government even when it is unjust. However, the Bill of Rights guarantees each person to express him/herself in any way he/she feels like as far as the rights of others are not overstepped.

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Freedom of speech is essential in bringing change and progress in the society. The right does not only give one the ability to talk, but also to listen to others and give an independent view (Barendt 94)Bottom of Form. It is important as it makes a person feel free when interacting with another individual on matters that they do not agree on and they can give different opinions on diverse issues. The revision of gay laws is a good example of how free speech led to protests, lobbying, and debating. In fact, the interaction initiated a change in public perception on gay marriages, thus changing the law within a short time (Carlos 16). It is evident that without the freedom of speech, the voices of the minority would not be heard.

It is important to note that freedom of speech is very crucial as it gives power to all other rights. Although the freedom of speech does not give the extremists the right of free pass, it allows the bigoted views to be challenged, protested, and opposed. In fact, adequate ideas always overshadow the insufficient concepts since they are backed up by ethics and reasons, thus it is not right to censor or ban them.



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