Cultural Competence Concept Analysis

Nurses should understand the concept of cultural competence. Notably, the healthcare sector has been influenced by the population demographic diversity, such as gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality among other aspects. According to Betancourt (2016), cultural competence addresses the different cultural values (culture-specific) or similar cultural values (culture universal) of individuals or groups of people. This concept is demonstrated in Leininger’s theory, which encourages nurses to access cultural knowledge that would resonate with patients’ cultural expectation (Betancourt, 2016). The initiative requires the nurse to devise methods that are in harmony with the patient’s beliefs and meets patients’ cultural requirements.

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Attributes are characteristics associated with cultural competence, which differentiates concepts from other related theories. The cultural competence attributes include cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity, and dynamic process (Cai, 2016). Hence, cultural competence attributes should be developed to offer culturally-based care to clients.

Antecedents refer to incidences that arise before the concept occurs. One of the antecedents is a cultural encounter, which entails the interaction of patients and nurses of varying cultures. Such an encounter allows nurses to study various cultural groups and assist them in changing their previous beliefs to avoid stereotyping. One of the consequences of cultural competence is that it can close disparity gaps of different cultural groups when providing health care (Cai, 2016). Hence, cultural competence is expected to meet clients’ need and improve the quality of care.

Some of the empirical referents include inventory for assessing the process of cultural competence in the delivery of health care and nurse cultural competence scale (Cai, 2016). Cultural competence is applicable in nursing theory in nurturing respect and appreciating patients’ diversity. In addition, it assists in understanding the implication, causes, treatment, and final results of illnesses of a particular individual (Mallela, 2015). Therefore, nurses should be informed about the concept of cultural competence to identify and realize the cultural needs of patients and hence apply the culturally acceptable strategies in nursing care.

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