Coping Strategies


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Job loss is a common stressor since it involves uncertainty about how to cater for basic needs after the loss of regular income. I have experienced such a stressful situation after losing a two-year job. Notably, the dismissal was abrupt with little time to prepare, save, or apply for another job. Having worked for only two years, it was hard to pay for the immediate needs and save for the future. Consequently, the uncertainty about the ability to meet future needs before securing another job created considerable stress. However, understanding the coping mechanisms prevented the possibility of depression.

A problem-focused coping strategy is critical in solving the stress by confronting the challenge using a logical solution. The strategy locates the cause of the problem and tackles it, along with the feelings that accompany it. The approach assists in facing the problem and implements the most effective solution, which prevents depression. The loss of livelihood was a difficult challenge, but its effect would be minimized or addressed through a practical solution. Planful problem solving is a significant problem-focused coping strategy since it allows an individual to confront and resolve the problem. Therefore, the beginning step in the strategy is acceptance, followed by taking deliberate problem-focused attempts to change the situation. The most effective method would be sending applications immediately in search of another job. It is critical to use the solution that will eradicate the problem. From critical analysis of the situation, sending job applications would be the best solution to the problem. The approach would have both short and long-term effects on the problem.

The emotion-focused coping strategy was another possible solution to the problem. The strategy helps in making the problem less emotionally reactive and changes the way the affected person experiences the situation. The coping mechanism would help the affected person to overcome the potential effect of the stress, including depression. The stressful situation can easily cause depression, especially if the means of sustenance are inadequate. Social support played an important role in minimizing the adverse effects of the stressful situation. Friends and family can provide the necessary support by listening to the affected person and giving advice when overwhelmed. A best friend would encourage looking for another job and even helping to send some applications to specific companies. The support is a source of hope in despair since it gives the confidence to face the situation. In addition, it provides the much-needed help to deal with the short-term effects of job loss.


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As it is evident from the analysis, both strategies play a significant role in dealing with the stressful situation. Thus, it would be necessary to use both strategies. It would be possible to become depressed due to the lacked the necessary social support to overcome the stressful situation. Thus, it is necessary to get social help to overcome stress and gain the confidence to continue searching for alternative employment. Support from family and friends would not solve my problem completely. Therefore, it was necessary to get another job immediately to pay my bills in the coming month. Thus, the planful problem-solving strategy became essential to address the problem entirely and eliminate the source of stress. Hence, the two approaches were critical and assisted me to overcome the immediate challenge and the long-term effects.

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