Comparing the Onset of Cybersickness Using the Oculus Rift and Two Virtual Roller Coasters

The acceptance of new connections between parts of the computer-oriented software; for instance, the Oculus Rift, has spawned renewed concentrations and interests in virtual reality (VR). It refers to an operator interface technology that offers an illustrative and immersive three dimensional computer stirred domain. Nevertheless, there has been a long-standing problem of cybersickness, which continues to have an effect on the overall usage of virtual reality devices such as the head mounted presentations. The article “Comparing the onset of cybersickness using the Oculus Rift and Two virtual roller coasters” comprise a discussion of the mounting interest, especially within the business and gaming communities of the virtual reality technologies.

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The article reports on various issues regarding cybersickness and their effects. The article highlights that the very important step in the control of impacts related to cybersickness lies in the advancement and development of simple, impartial processes. Although most of the existing measures depend on self-reporting or in more costly, complex and multifaceted impartial measuring processes, the advancement and development of an objective measure are very important steps towards comprehending not only the impacts of cybersickness, but also the impact it can have on participants. The article also evaluates the earlier studies on cybersickness while relating to computer-generated roller coaster descriptions. The findings indicate that individuals who participated were capable of remaining riding and their regular nausea ranking, Helix, which is one roller coaster, were found to have a significant impact on the possibility of triggering nausea symptoms. The article suggested that future studies should evaluate the physiological alterations linked to the initiation of cybersickness using a more realistic roller coaster that contains elevated levels of visual flow.                           

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