Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder-Parents Education

Parents of children who have been diagnosed with autism might face various challenges when coping with the condition and the associated changes. They might not be acquainted with most of the fundamental issues associated with autism. Although the diagnosis might be devastating to some parents, it should be a relief since it provides an opportunity to get help and support for the child and the family. The diagnosis plays a critical role since it enables the parent to look for appropriate services. It helps the parent to understand effective interventions and treatments that have been beneficial in similar cases. According to Bearss et al. (2015), parents should recognize that children with autism have the potential for growth and improvement. Therefore, regardless of the diagnosis, they should provide a favorable environment for the child to develop skills and abilities to live a productive life.

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For most parents, the diagnosis is devastating because of the conventional narrative that the disease is untreatable. However, they should understand that, contrary to what professionals, old books, and other sources teach, Autism Spectrum Disorder is treatable. Furthermore, the earlier the child receives treatment, the better the chances of their positive prognosis (Bearss et al., 2015). Their progress in life might not be at the same pace with other normally developing children, but with intervention and support, they can still have a productive life. Thus, parents should become proactive in finding ways to improve the life opportunities for the child. In addition, they should appreciate available medical and therapeutic interventions within their area to ensure that they begin the process immediately after receiving the diagnosis.

Another helpful advice for a parent whose child has received a positive Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis is to learn about the condition. One should understand that it is a developmental disability involving delays and impairments in social abilities, behavior, and language. Since it affects people differently, each parent should recognize the unique challenges in the child. Regardless of the extent of the effect, the parent should understand that autism literally means “aloneness” (Ooi, Ong, Jacob, & Khan, 2016). It involves significant issues with social interactions. Therefore, parents of autistic children should create an appropriate setting for their teenagers to learn and socialize. Therefore, guardians should find the most suitable schools or support centers for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The environment provides the opportunity for the child to learn and develop diverse social skills.

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder face significant social challenges. Parents should provide the primary support for the child because of the communication and social difficulties associated with autism. However, the experience can also be overwhelming for the parent and may create loneliness. Therefore, joining parent support groups and discussing with others facing the same challenge might provide the necessary social skills to cope and support the child’s social development. Such connections also motivate the parent to seek effective help (Ooi, Ong, Jacob, & Khan, 2016). Generally, it is crucial for the parent to understand that other individuals are facing the same challenge, and hence, joining them would improve their children’s lives. With such connections, parents become stronger and develop the necessary skills to support the development of the newly diagnosed child. They also learn to depend on others and teach members of the family to assist the affected individuals as a way of enhancing their life.

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