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The analysis of the relations that existed between the British colonizers and the North American inhabitants in the colonial era indicates deep-rooted conflicts. According to the British authorities, the colonists were uncooperative and ungovernable. On the other hand, the colonists felt that the British authorities were ignoring their grievances and applying much pressure in the taxation regime among other issues. Therefore, by analyzing the perspective of the American colonists, potential appealing reasons would be found and later explain the underlying reasons that encouraged rebellion by the British colonies in North America.

Colonial Relations between the Crown Government and the Colonists

It is worth noting that the British government and the colonists co-existed harmoniously before the Indian and French war. However, after the conflict ended in 1763, the British government decided to minimize the debt incurred during the battle (Smith, 2014). Among other ways that were targeted to increase the required finances was by raising the taxes collected and colonizing new territories in the region. For instance, the British authorities enacted the Stamp Act in 1765 as a measure of augmenting the revenues accumulated. Through the act, the government created an excise tax on licenses, newspapers, college diplomas, customs documents, and other legal documents (McCusker, 2014). Therefore, the North American colonists revolted the introduction of the Act that was widely popular in England. Although the Stamp Act was revoked in 1766, the underlying philosophical differences persisted. In fact, the ultimate rebellion was illustrated when the American boycotted British goods imported into the colonies (Gallay, 2015). In addition, the inhabitants would not accept any attempt to limit the freedom enjoyed by the colonists in the North American territories and such actions led to widespread aggression. In essence, the outcome the violence was demonstrated in various events, including the 1770 Boston Massacre (Smith, 2014). Nevertheless, the Continental Congress meetings in Philadelphia in 1774 made the delegates pass laws in the effect of addressing the rights of the colonies, controlled taxation regimes, the regulation of the powers by such colonial factors as the admiralty courts and assemblies. However, in spite of such grievances, the break of the colonies from England was highly anticipated.

American Independence War

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Over the time, the colonists became detached from the British power as the grievances raised persisted (Gallay, 2015). Many people led by George Washington believed that Britain was determined to lead them into slavery and confiscate their properties (McCusker, 2014). Accordingly, The American independence war became part of the revolution as the colonists had the increased perception of alienation from the British government. In fact, the interaction of the American prominent lawyers, planters, and merchants led to the escalation of the revolt by the colonists with the aim of preserving the liberties that were threatened by the British government (McCusker, 2014). Moreover, the collaboration represented a conservative effort to manage the ostensible division between the crown and the colonists. However, the perceived difference heightened the tension by the colonists and hence contributed to revolts. Consequently, the British aristocrats declined to interact with the colonists as equals because the move would be interpreted as oppressive. Therefore, a radial revolution was inevitable with grievances highlighted becoming important in the Declaration of Independence.

Claims in the Declaration of Independence

The second continental congress occurred after the battles of Concord and Lexington, which had the motive of pronouncing the United Colonies free from the British administration. Therefore, after days of consultation, the Congress appointed representatives to draft the “Declaration of Independence” (Smith, 2014). Indeed, Thomas Jefferson wrote the first copy and after refinement of the first draft of the statement of independence, various objections were incorporated. Therefore, the grievances would have an equal role in explaining the reason of the revolts by the colonists. In addition, the declaration defined the most important principles of the American democracy with the basic ideologies being the role of the government to safeguard the interests of the citizens (McCusker, 2014). Secondly, the declaration concentrated empowering the citizens to overthrow tyrannical and unjust governments demonstrated by the dictatorial regime of the British authority. Thirdly, the announcement highlighted the plight of the colonists in unequal treatment with the British (Gallay, 2015). Accordingly, the document stated that all people had an equal right to liberty, life, and the pursuit of happiness.

As it is evident from the above discussion, various issues raised by the colonists justified the revolt against the British rule. First, the relationship between the crown government and the colonies had deteriorated after the Indian and the French war. Secondly, the British government had passed and enacted legislations that were unfavorable to the colonies such as the Stamp Act. Moreover, the wars and massacres that were perpetrated by the Crown administration heightened the colonists’ tension and instigated the revolts in the foreign territories. In essence, the discussion notes that many of the grievances pointed out in the Declaration of Independence played a greater role, especially for the rebellions experienced. Among the complaints was the need to have a government that safeguards the interests of the citizens, ensuring the sovereignty of the colonies, and empowering the colonists to challenge the operation of the government. Therefore, it is palpable that the colonists were justified to stage revolts against the British government.

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