Agenda Comparison Grid


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Part 1: Agenda Comparison Grid


Identify the Population Health concern you selected.  

Psychological health

Describe the Population Health concern you selected and the factors that contribute to it. To create awareness and provide critical resources to support mental health of the target population.

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Administration (President Name) (Current President)


(Previous President)


(Previous President)


Describe the administrative agenda focus related to this issue for the current and two previous presidents. President Donald Trump wants to reinstate the institutionalization of mental health to address mental health challenges, such as mass shootings. His agenda on mental health includes the creation of institutions to hold those suffering from mental health problems. President Obama pushed for effective and affordable treatment of people with mental health problems to prevent mass shootings and suicide in the country.

He also supported the need to stop stigmatization of mental health, which hinders effective treatment.

President Bush pushed for a general screening of Americans for mental health problems and to integrate mentally ill individuals completely into the community by providing treatment outside mental health institutions.
Identify the allocations of financial and other resources that the current and two previous presidents dedicated to this issue. A proposed reduction of 21% for the financial year 2019 to the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) which pays for mental health service provision.





Implementation of the Affordable Care Act that provided $50 million dollars to improve the provision of care through mental health and substance use disorder services. Supported provision of mental health care within the community by providing the necessary resources. Following the recommendations of The President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, the president increased funding towards mental health services by 1.8% in the financial year 2002.
Explain how each of the presidential administrations approached the issue. The recommendations are yet to be implemented. The agenda is pending support from other policy makers to rebuild mental health institutions.






Implementation of the Affordable Care Act availed the planned financial support and resources to improve mental health care in the country. The services could be provided through the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The implementation of the recommendations by The President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health were hindered by the controversy sparked by the Texas project, which promoted the use of new and costly antidepressants and antipsychotic medications.


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