What is Nurse Shortage and Nurse Turnover?

When the demand for licensed nurses, such as registered nurses, exceeds their supply, there is a nursing shortage. Contrarily, nurse turnover explains nursing staff members’ propensity to quit their jobs voluntarily and involuntarily (Cox, Willis, & Coustasse, 2014). It is important to note that the nurse shortage and turnover negatively impact the nursing profession. The disruptions and subpar patient care brought on by the shortage and turnover are particularly costly for healthcare employers (Cox, Willis & Coustasse, 2014). Evidently, both nurse leaders and nurse managers are extremely concerned about the nurse shortage and turnover. Therefore, by examining the strategies that the nurse leaders and managers would use to address the issue of nurse shortage and nurse turnover, potential alluring hiring schemes would be discovered and subsequently used to increase the number of caregivers in the healthcare sector.

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It is important to recognize that nurse turnover can have benefits and drawbacks, particularly for any organization. In reality, a good turnover happens when management fires an employee, while a bad turnover happens when a well-behaved and desirable nurse decides to leave his or her position. As a result, the nurse turnover problem directly affects healthcare organizations’ productivity and financial success. First, even though “leadership” and “management” are frequently used interchangeably, they have different connotations when used in the nursing profession. According to Huber (2013), not all nurse managers exhibit the qualities of an effective nurse leader, and nurse leaders are not always effective managers. Notably, a nurse manager participates actively in decision-making processes and has a designated position in the organizational hierarchy. On the other hand, a leader might not hold any official positions or authority within the company (Huber, 2013). In fact, the ability of a person to influence others through communication and interpersonal skills frequently defines a leader. As a result, nurses at all levels of experience and stages of career development may exhibit leadership skills…

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