Healthcare Executives Should Serve as HR managers

Because they are more in tune with people’s needs and behaviors than other professionals, all healthcare executives can be considered HR managers. Healthcare executives are in charge of motivating their employees so that their departments run smoothly. Additionally, it is their responsibility to make sure that budgetary allocations are made and that the needs of all stakeholders are met (Fried and Fottler 28). The healthcare executives must collaborate closely with other departments as they train for the position. Healthcare executives can also enroll in a human resources course to gain knowledge and skills before taking on a managerial role.

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HR Managers are crucial in promoting healthcare quality and safety. By assessing the knowledge and skills of prospective employees, they make sure that quality and safety in the healthcare industry are improved (Kabene 31). Additionally, HR is in charge of making sure that the top performers who increase customer satisfaction are kept on board (Fried and Fottler 101). HR strategies would enhance Medicare, encourage more funding, and improve safety and quality of care.

Toxic managers encourage bullying at work, are only concerned with their own needs, and have no regard for the organization’s goals and mission. They concentrate on winning the approval of their superiors and claiming ownership of the work produced by workers. It is important to note that toxic managers demotivate young employees, especially when they receive all the credit without acknowledging other employees.
An organization may use either the headcount or the FTE (full-time equivalent). The headcount represents the actual population of the study area as a whole. The approach takes into account each organization’s members. The credits, hours, and skills are not considered under this method. Furthermore, when counting the number of full-time and part-time employees, the nature of the individual is ignored. An FTE must be employed by a particular

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