Implementation of a Safe and Efficient Intravenous Insulin Protocol by Registered Nurses in the Intensive Care Unit


Khalaila and her colleagues observed that hyperglycemia and insulin resistance are prevalent complications among critically ill patients. The observation confirmed the conditions in patients with no previous history of diabetes mellitus (Khalaila et al., 2011). According to recent evidence cited in prior research, strict glucose control is associated with poor clinical outcomes for adults in ICUs. Thus, the findings influenced the selection of the study’s topic, which is the safe use of the Intravenous Insulin Protocol in the medical ICU.

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Context of the Study

Extensive research has been conducted on the effect of blood glucose levels on the treatment of patients in the ICU. Specifically, controlling sugar levels with insulin is associated with increased mortality among ICU patients. Determining the relationship between the use of insulin in controlling blood glucose levels and the increase in deaths for ICU admissions has been the focus of additional research. The significance of such findings would be validated in guiding nursing practice regarding the safe and effective use of insulin in the management of intensive care patients. The information would also give nurses a thorough understanding of the optimal glucose levels in the blood for various in-patients to reduce mortality rates. The objective of Khalaila and her team’s study was to confirm that nurses effectively implement the intravenous insulin protocol. This study aimed to assess the efficacy and safety of insulin administration to ICU patients to maintain optimal blood glucose levels.

Methods of Research

The purpose of the study was to develop a nurse-led “intravenous insulin protocol” that would target glucose levels in the blood of patients between 110 and 149 mg/dl. The protocol defined hypoglycemia as the condition in which the blood glucose level drops below 70 mg/dL…

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