Leadership Style and Organizational Commitment among the Nursing Staff


Organizational commitment is essential for high-performing businesses. Positive performance and positive quality outcomes are predicated on this factor in healthcare settings. Commitment is associated with job satisfaction; therefore, it is a crucial factor in nurses’ intentions to remain with the organization. Organizational commitment prevents attrition and associated adverse outcomes, such as a nursing shortage (Somers, Birnbaum, Finch, & Casal, 2018). In the field of organizational research, organizational commitment is an essential concept. Numerous researchers have examined the concept in relation to the workplace conduct of nursing personnel. It is evident from the analysis that organizations should consider human emotions and attitudes in the workplace. Increasing research indicates that organizational commitment is crucial in nursing and healthcare settings. A lack of commitment in the workplace can have negative consequences, such as poor performance (Hamdi & Rajablu, 2012). Therefore, healthcare organizations should consider organizational commitment-related factors and manipulate them to strengthen the concept within the organization.

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The study’s primary concepts are leadership style and organizational commitment. This study will apply the definition of leadership as the process by which an individual influences others to realize a shared vision or objective. Therefore, a leader’s leadership style is the specific method employed to influence others. According to Wong, Cummings, and Ducharme (2013), the quality of a leader’s style can be measured by analyzing the effect on the followers. Effective leadership provides nurses with a favorable working environment. It determines the quality of patient care and the best possible patient outcomes. Organizational commitment, which depends on the effectiveness of the leadership style, is the second concept examined in the study. Organizational commitment is a crucial concept when discussing behavioral factors that influence the effectiveness and performance of businesses. The concept is associated with employee job satisfaction, such as that of nursing staff. Organizational commitment refers to the assortment of beliefs and emotions that individuals have regarding their workplace. The concept is essential if nurses are to remain in the organization for an extended period of time (Al-Yami, Galdas, & Watson, 2018). Moreover, it determines the satisfaction levels of nurses within their organizations. The concept will be evaluated by determining the feelings and perceptions of nurses that promote retention…

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