Week 9 discussion | Psychology homework help

The Human Factors team for which you work has designed a new visual display for a helicopter cockpit. However, the results from the simulator are not good. Nearly all pilots have encountered problems when trying to find information and perform tasks. Do you think your Human Factors team should use a working-forward or working-backward heuristic to evaluate the design platform? Why or why not?

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Lauren is a computer programmer and is unable to find the bug in a program she just wrote. What could she be doing that is preventing her from finding the bug? Could mental sets, functional fixedness, and negative transfer be playing a role? How?

Have you experienced the benefits of incubation in solving a problem? Explain with an example. Which of the five mechanisms of incubation do you think best captures your experience? How?

Respond to at two classmates responses to the discussion

To support your work, make sure to utilize your course and text readings. When asked, utilize outside sources as well. As in all assignments, make sure to provide in-text citations and references for the sources used in your work utilizing APA format.

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