A wall of rising and story of an hour

Compare /Contrast ESSAY I want to compare and contrast The story of an Hour by Kate Chopin and A wall of Fire Rising by Edwidge Danticat. My thesis statement that I turn in is  A Wall of Rising and Story of an hour both deals with family crisis but different situations.   Knowing that Mrs. Mallard was afflicted with heart trouble, great care was taken o break to her as gently as possible the new of her husband deaths(www.paperstarter.com ›

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 Essay Topics and Quotations).  Pretend that this is the time of miracles and we believed in this,. I watched the owner for a long time and I think I can fly that balloon,. The first tine I saw him do it looked live a miracle but the more and more.I saw it the more and more continue(www.gradesaver.com/krik-krak/study-guide/summary-a-wall-of-fire-rising.).  I’m sorry I got this in late, I had a death in my family.   

750 WORDS  KATE EVANS EARNEY – COMP II ONLINE SPRING 2018 PAPER 2 ASSIGNMENT SHEET For your second formal essay assignment, you will be writing a literary analysis of one of the following stories: The Story of an Hour, by Kate Chopin; A & P, by John Updike; A Wall of Fire Rising by Edwidge Danticat. You may write your entire paper (750 words!) on the literary elements within one story, or you may compare and contrast two of the above stories. As mentioned in class, all of the above stories contain similar plot arcs and character archetypes. You must carefully analyze the literary elements to produce a thoughtful and insightful literary analysis. To avoid over-summarizing your story/(ies) of choice, you are encouraged to organize your essay based on the literary elements you are discussing. Choose from the following list of elements: characters, conflicts, narrator/point of view, setting, and symbols. Secondary Sources: For this paper, you will be responsible for coherently integrating information from a secondary source (from the library’s database) into your paper. Within the Unit Five folder of our Course Content you will find detailed lecture notes about accessing the online database, choosing a source, and successfully integrating that source into your own paper. Use your secondary source as inspiration for what you focus your essay on. Try to find at least two good quotes from your secondary source to include within your essay. Remember: Your secondary sources must come from the library’s online database. No sources from the regular internet (Google, Wiki, Sparknotes, etc.) will be accepted. To access the library’s database follow these steps: • Go to www.uaptc.edu/library • Select Databases By Subject • On this page, select Literature and Composition; this will take you to the three available databases: o JSTOR o Literary Reference Center (EPSCOHost) o Literature Resource Center (Gale) Remember that you must submit a thesis statement and the citation for your outside source by Wednesday, 3/4. The complete final draft of Paper 2 (with Works Cited page) must be submitted either through the Blackboard assignment post by Sunday, 3/18, by 11:59pm. Your paper will lose 5 points for each  

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